Video: Sacred Valley Changes


13 thoughts on “Video: Sacred Valley Changes

  1. So this is how they replaced that part of the map, the destructable buildings and more free space looks great!
    The TD spot on the south spawn looks worse than the one on the north, though.
    Or was that west and east, respectively?… I can’t tell, the flying tanks at 1:33 distracted me a lot, kek! :D


  2. Oh by the way, what happened to those maps with the shipwrecks, frozen into the sea? They looked amazing. We lack winter maps anyway.


  3. Looks cool but it would be even cooler if the castle erea was passable so some fast scouts could put it to use for quick spots etc… and when you gain it you have a nice mordor position like on Mines or Himmelsdorf.


  4. Looks cool? Rly? Looks like more fun for Artyscumbags on all lanes, one yolo dumbass-scout spots whole td-spot and this BALANCED class, often with 3-4 Scumbag Propelled Guns per Team.. have fun.
    Also our lovely Railgun 15 snipes the Monastery, 841 dmg-pixelshots incoming. much wow.
    Another BULLSHIT-Map like Highway, only the lines near the redline are useable, mid dle of the map is wasted space on my SSD and can be replaced with a black hole as texture.


  5. Don’t like what I’m seeing! To much use of Agent Orange, for starters.

    The whole middle part has no undulations what so ever and looks as flat as a coin.
    Make that terrain a little more rolling so tanks can still use the terrain it self to make maneuvers. Add bushes, trees and wall rows back.

    The Monastery area looks ravaged as well. Cover (hard and soft) seems for 85% removed and the terrains is so much flattened out it is of no use anymore for both sides.

    Nah, this map doesn’t need THIS rework, THESE change will get it removed in a patch or two. Which would make for another badly reworked map suffering the same fate.


  6. I really, really hated all that destructible junk all over the map that was only getting in the way and I’m glad it’s mostly gone. But these “TD locations” are terrible idea. Get ready to see bad players camping there whole battle, just like they they do near base circles on malinovka or steppes.


  7. Seems they are going back to a mix of the first version and the current one. As in making it better for base campers and TD’s to rape anyone stupid enough to go in the middle or monastery. And making it easier to hit most of those by making that flatter and removing most buildings in those areas. As that’s why it was reworked in the first place the last time. As the bases had to big of a TD spot. Now they are back again.


  8. The Current Map is bad – but this changes make it even worse. For now the Middle is playable, afterwards you must stay away there. Even Scouts can only yolo active spot (no bushes to hide…) and hope not to be wrecked.
    I would not like to play on this map. Even in Steppes you have bushes in the middle where you can spot a bit.
    And yes, Artysave Positions for Heavies become less (Thats why i currently dislike driving slow Heavies…) and so this class looses one more map which is playable for them.

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  9. Not sure what to think of the redesigns, the middle is more playable for fast lights and some meds but it is best to avoid that near the end of the game when some basecamper td lights you up.


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