WG Employee Banned (RU)

Apparently WG Employee Rumpel_Shticken (member of the WG-A clan) was caught rigging Team battles. 65 other players were banned too.

Evilly’s response:

The following measures were applied:

– The account has been permanently blocked without recourse.
– Administrative measures within the company were applied to the employee.

From myself and on behalf of the company we apologize to all users who have suffered as a result of the actions of this employee.


11 thoughts on “WG Employee Banned (RU)

  1. Funny part is, the person who provided screenshots and replays to WG to uncover the whole rigging thing also got banned with both his accounts, main and twink. (xXx_Artyanurch_xXx
    _Artyanurch )


  2. actually, these types of situations arnt actually that rare. way back when, in EVE Online, an employee was caught creating in-game items that were rare, giving the clan he was in an edge over all others. coinsidentally, that same clan broke down only a couple of months later. by all rumors, that clan was only powerful because of that 1 person, and they lost all that power with 1 quick ban and fired.

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