More Missions for Swedish Tanks (EU/NA)

The one-of-a-kind Swedish tech tree is here with missions all the way up to tier X! These newcomers each bring a little something special, so try ’em out for yourself. Get rewarded with Personal Reserves, equipment and other helpful items.

Learn more about Sweden’s tank destroyers and heavy tanks:


Starts January 16, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends February 20, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET

Swedish Tank Destroyers Swedish Mixed Branch
  • “Pvlvv fm/42” (Play a battle in the Pvlvv fm/42

  • “Ikv 72” (Play a battle in the Ikv 72)

  • “Sav m/43” (Play a battle in the Sav m/43)

  • “Ikv 103” (Play a battle in the Ikv 103)

  • “Ikv 65 II” (Play a battle in the Ikv 65 II)

  • “Ikv 90 B” (Play a battle in the Ikv 90 B

  • “UDES 03” (Play a battle in the UDES 03)

  • “Strv 103-0” (Play a battle in the Strv 103-0)

  • “Strv 103B” (Play a battle in the Strv 103B)

  • “Strv m/38” (Play a battle in the Strv m/38

  • “Strv m/40L” (Play a battle in the Strv m/40L)

  • “Lago” (Play a battle in the Lago)

  • “Strv m/42” (Play a battle in the Strv m/42)

  • “Strv 74” (Play a battle in the Strv 74)

  • “Leo” (Play a battle in the Leo

  • “Emil l” (Play a battle in the Emil l)

  • “Emil ll” (Play a battle in the Emil ll)

  • “Kranvagn” (Play a battle in the Kranvagn)


10 thoughts on “More Missions for Swedish Tanks (EU/NA)

  1. Too little time, too little rewards and needs specific tanks.
    So people who used the chrismas event to rush through the tree and needed to sell the tanks after grind get fucked, and people who paid to get to the hightiers in the HT line get advantaged. But the rewards are not that insane, only the Emil 1&2 rewards are interesting because expensive, but not too many people in need of these equipments will have the tanks yet.

    Too bad WG. Past even was a success, then an eventless weekend and now an event most people wont benefit from.


    1. Get equipment worth like 500k credits on discount? It’s pleasant bonus but nothing more, remember that you need garage slots, spend more reserves than you get for stock grinds and buy equipment for the tanks. Anyways, it’s better than nothing.


  2. They really could give the prizes to any account with battles already done on these tanks….
    Since its pretty lame that they wait to everyone to grind the line, and then offer prizes to it. Really, the credits you lose to buy the tanks back is not worth the prizes.


    1. Why do you live with the impression that your case applies to everyone? I’m at tier 5. My cousin is at 4 and a friend is at tier 7. Why do you think “everyone” finished the lines already? And why do you think you’re to take part in every special? If that was the case I want the awards from all the specials that I couldn’t participate to because I didn’t have the tanks at that time… For fucks sake, people, you’re not entitled to everything, nor is WG forced to organize specials every weekend. Play the damn game and stop whining.


  3. I wasn’t going to play the Swedish tree, but now that they offer me 1 improved ventilation FOR EACH LINE, I will quit my job cancel all my plans and grind up both lines in 1 month.

    They really need to make better missions.

    Liked by 2 people

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