Supertest: Tier IX Lights Complete Stats

Basically I compiled all the new supertest stats for the uptiered tanks (the ones that already exist in the game) into one post. Here are the stats for the new Chinese light: LINK

imageSpähpanzer Ru 251

Tier: 9
HP: 1350
Engine: 630 hp
Mass: 25,625 t
Power-to-weight: 24,59 hp / t
Max speed: 70 / -24 km / h
Hull turning speed: 44 °/s
Turret turning speed: 45,9 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,534
View range: 420 m
Radio range: 745 m

Hull armor: 25 / 20 / ? mm
Turret armor: 20 / 20 / ? mm

Gun: 90 mm Rheinmetall DM1

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 190 / 250 / 102 mm
Rate Of Fire: 10,429 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2502,9
Reload time: 5,753 s
Accuracy: 0,345
Aiming time: 1,92 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +18

Tier: 9
HP: 1400
Engine: 550 hp
Mass: 22,771 t
Power-to-weight: 24,15 hp / t
Max speed: 72,4 / -24 km / h
Hull turning speed: 44 °/s
Turret turning speed: 45,9 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,959 / 1,63
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 745 mHull armor: 25,4 / 25,4 / ? mm
Turret armor: 38,1 / 15,9 / ? mm

Gun: 90 mm Gun T132E3

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 185 / 250 / 45 mm
Rate Of Fire: 11,075 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2657,9
Reload time: 5,418 s
Accuracy: 0,384
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20

imageТ-54 ltwt.

Tier: 9
HP: 1300
Engine: 700 hp
Mass: 30,638 t
Power-to-weight: 22,85 hp / t
Max speed: 69 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 50 °/s
Turret turning speed: 50,1 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,671 / 0,767 / 1,151
View range: 410 m
Radio range: 792,6 m

Hull armor: 80 / 60 / ? mm
Turret armor: 160 / 120 / ? mm

Gun: 100 mm D-10T mod. 1945 r.

Alpha Damage: 250 / 250 / 330
Penetration: 180 / 235 / 50 mm
Rate Of Fire: 9,202 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2300,4
Reload time: 6,521 s
Accuracy: 0,403
Aiming time: 2,11 s
Depression/Elevation: -5 / +17

Gun: 100 mm D-10T

Alpha Damage: 250 / 250 / 330
Penetration: 175 / 235 / 50 mm

imageAMX 13 90

Tier: 9
HP: 1100
Engine: 350 hp
Mass: 14,895 t
Power to weight: 23,5 hp / t
Max speed: 64 / -23 km / h
Hull turning speed: 40 °/s
Turret turning speed: 48 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767 / 0,863 / 1,342
View range: 400 m
Radio range: 750 m

Hull armor: 50 / 20 / ? mm
Turret armor: 40 / 20 / ? mm

Gun: 90 mm F3

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 170 / 248 / 45 mm
Rate Of Fire: 6,509 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 1562,2
Reload time: 29,371 s
Rounds in magazine: 4
Reload time between magazine rounds: 2,50 s
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,59 s
Depression/Elevation: -6 / +12

Gun: 75 mm SA50Alpha Damage: 135 / 135 / 175
Penetration: 144 / 202 / 38 mm


I’m gonna ask something of you, readers. It would help me greatly if you can share this article to your own communities. Thank you.


39 thoughts on “Supertest: Tier IX Lights Complete Stats

    1. I really don’t think it will; the stats probably haven’t changed, so I bet they didn’t post them because of this. It was the historical gun for the XM551 turret, after all.


  1. So in order to compensate for a 30 second reload on the tier 9 13 90 they took away 2 shells out of its clip… what the fuck are you smoking WG… I would rather have the 6 shot clip with a 40 second reload, I mean now I can’t even clip another light tank, that was something that was nice about the 13 90 was it could take another light out of action extremely quickly. You’re telling me that now I can’t even do that? then whats the point of playing the damn thing?

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  2. Do you think that they will merge the two american light tank lines? make m41 bulldog t8 and the t71 take the bulldogs place?


  3. Wow you’d think they would make them all better or about the same since they weren’t exactly dominant vehicles, but the RU 251 lost 10 km/h top speed, the T 49 lost its only claim to fame, the 152mm derp, and the AMX 13 90 is now a piece of shit with only 4 shots in the magazine!


  4. Is Supertest guys nothing is ruin….yet :D. I’m fine with the T49 152mm being taken out even if I love it has it is now.(I’ll just get the XM551 problem solve) but I really hope the AMX 13 90 don’t end up with that…shit of a tuneup.

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    1. Its no t49 without the he cannon… Its my favorite light tank.. A kv2 that goes 72 kms I own all the lights and this is BS t54 is too op now >> t49 needs the derp gun… Its the reason why I play as a scout Viking with a boom stick


  5. who cares that IX tier. Give us the information about what will be VIII, cause it’s more important for CW, SH, leagues and so on.


  6. P.S. while now I have russian, german, china, french scouts with gold cammo of tier VIII. After these changes it will be uselles, cause I dont need IX tier scout for CW, for SH and leagues. I’m loosing gold to repaint tanks. GG WG. Should be some compensation for that!!!

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    1. Yeh there needs to be compo and compo for the retarded changes they could’ve left them as they are as they get tier 9 mm as it is perhaps give suite buff. But these retards have fucking nerfed the shit out of them.


  7. The T49 as is here is like a M 41 90 with worse aimtime and accuracy but much better DPM and gun depression. There’s the BHP difference and that’s pretty much it.

    Statistically, I see no way for M 41 90 to remain at tier 8 with current stats if this is what the T49 will be at tier 9…


  8. The amx is a joke, most other tier 9 LTs has like 2500-2600 dpm, and the amx has 1500, that is fucking 1000 dpm less than other tanks of the tier. Fucking monkeys. I dont even play light tenks but how the fuck can WG give a tank som same tier 1000 less dpm compared to others? it is shocking how incompetent and stupid some suggestions are and the supertesters area fucking joke pulling their balancing suggestions out of stalins ass. Go ahead and nuke belarus alreaddy monkeyland.

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  9. Also why dont they balance the pen accordingly and remove gold ammo? I am sure many people wiull shoot AP with these with apcr is superior and when these will see tier 9 and 10 tanks. Why cant even Wg do something proper from the beginning. Give these fucking LTs 200mm AP and remove gold ammo entierly and give them good gun handling.

    It is totally idiotic and backwards to give tenks low AP pen and bad gun handling, just so people should compensate with gold ammo. Remove gold ammo entierly and buff gun handling so people dont “feel” they have to shoot gold. And give back real weakspots and strong spots on tanks again. Wot is turning away from the origonal concept mopre and more and the balance nowdays is a opure fucking joke, withj all strong premiums derping around. WTF is WG thinking sumnormales.

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  10. ehm… if T49 really looses its 152mm gun, i will stop playing this game… that tank is the ideal tank to choose when I am depressed, and its a lot of fun even after ~700 battles… if they take it from me, I wont have any tank to play when rng/teammates are trolling me…

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  11. i love how you are crying about some tanks being no more OP.
    that is exactly what was making them frustrating to play against.
    T49 one shooting, and 13 90 clip shooting.
    Now just t54 magic armor to remove and we are good to go :-)

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  12. Is it just me, or did they just moved the current lights up a tier and give them 200 more hp? You are still pretty much irrellevant without any firepower.


  13. Guys please dont forget that current T8 LTs – are actually already T9 tanks currently in the game thanks to T9 MM.

    But still, if anything, these LTs deserve all a little buff expect maybe the russian one. In game the currently have no place tanks to T10 Meds doing their job and killing them with ease.


    1. The tier 8 lites that are in the game are better than this shit that they are doing to them. Seriously fuck WG fucking retards turning what was good about lite tanks into shitter med style vehicles fucking wankers……!


      1. Lights should have the same firepower as mediums, but trade survivability for mobility and viewrange. Give them decent pen and dpm, but less hitpoints and armor (obviously).

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    2. Well, I think most people expected buffs. They all pretty much received HP and in some cases viewrange buffs, but some nerfs in other areas – top speed nerf for RU251 and clip potential nerf for 13 90.

      Other issue is, yes, so far they had T9 MM, but MM did not treat them as T9’s. What does that mean – in T9 match, T8 lights were never* top tier, you always had some T9 tanks at the top. T9 tanks that can take hits, like heavies or mediums, T9 tanks that have HP. Now, T9 lights can be at the top of the table, which means they should be as powerful as any T9. They are not however, and they will be dragging the team with more lights down.

      If you know what MM weight is ( ), current T8 lights have weight of 48, while T9 mediums have 72. That means that MM treats T8 lights as weaker, and gives the team with more lights more T9’s maybe. As T9 lights, they would have 72 = the same as mediums, which means MM treats them as equally powerful. But they clearly are not.

      *I said never, because rarely the you can be top tier with lights. For example, if you are top tier with T8 light tank, it’s actually T9 match, but only “T9” tanks in battle are T8 light tanks, because they have T9 MM.


  14. They buffed Super Pershing penetration from 170 to 192, but now they move up to tier 9 the AMX 13 90 and give it 170mm of penetration? Looking at the other lights thay aren’t too fantastic either and with the current maps with no cover they can shit on their 420 view range


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