T-44-85M Stat Changes

Tier: 8, Medium,  USSR, premium
HP: 1200
Engine: 750 hp
Mass: 31,37 t
Power-to-weight: 23,91 hp / t
Max speed: 60 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 50 °/s (-10 °/s)
Turret turning speed: 52,1 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,863 / 0,959 / 1,918
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 700 m

Hull armor: 75 / 75 / 45 mm
Turret armor: 115 / 90 / 75 mm

Gun: 85 mm ZiS-S-53 BM

Alpha Damage: 180 / 180 / 300
Penetration: 183 / 248 / 44 mm
Rate Of Fire: 12,514
Damage Per Minute: 2252,6
Reload time: 4,3 s (-0.7 s)
Accuracy: 0,33 (-0.03)
Aiming time: 2,0 s (-0.1 s)
Depression: -6 / +20


27 thoughts on “T-44-85M Stat Changes

    1. If it has armour that is usable on t8, 54proto will be crying. I just want it to have 400m viewrange then it fits well compare to the other 2 T-44/54 bothers.

      Pseudo Scout – T-444-85M
      All-rounder – T-44&T-44-100
      Heavy Medium – T-54 1st prototype


    1. It will out dpm any medium at the tier, but it doesn’t have the hit points to back it up. If it gets into a straight pissing match with a panther 88 it will get its ass kicked


  1. so this T8 has better out of the box performance then the mutz 58 with a 121% crew. In every category. In some cases by a sizeable sum.

    .. But there is no Russian bias is there..

    Fuck you WG.. not a penny more from me, ever. Fuckers spend months balancing all the other Premium T8 mediums from all the other countries to be within a few percent of each other. Then throw this in; over powering the rest in base stats by as much a 30%


    1. You mean the t-44-85 is better than the Mutz in every single way…. except all the ways that it’s not?

      Literally the only good attributes this tank has is speed and ROF. Almost everything else about it is either mediocre or just bad.


    2. stats on my SP 58 with 121% crew gun GR and stabilizer , recon and Sit awareness 65%, : reload 2.11 accuracy .33 dpm 2181 reload 6.6 turret traverse 39.25 hull traverse 49.06 speed 50/20 view range 414 , radio 595 .

      there might be a few things that the mutz has over this fucking thing but gun depression and elevation is at most a 2-5% situation advantage, T-44 has better flanking armour and since these tanks mostly flank..
      Alpha damage is identical between the 50’s 90mm long gun and this old tech 85 mm gun.. pen is higher on the 85 AP by 25mm and lower in APCR by less then 10mm.

      So tell me, other then gun mobility up and down.. this POS shit stain commine cunt bag tank is miles above the rest of the T8 premiums..now, all of a sudden, they are going to offer a trade in system.. I smell a massive stank rat.


      1. What the hell stats are you looking at? 183 pen is not higher than 212 pen, 180 alpha damage is not identical to 240 alpha damage.

        And the difference between -6 and -10 gun depression is absolutely massive. You suffer from an insane “Russian bias” persecution complex.


        1. looking at MY 58, gun specs and ‘actual’ side bar specs differ greatly. gun numbers says for std AP: avg P 212, avg D 243 ( Ideal shot application), side bar differs greatly STANDARD pen 156 and dmg 180. (which from experience is normal for any tank at or above tier for the 58). And it does not mitigate the fact that this gun has 100more DPM then the 58 which is where real game plays comes in as as the T-44 has way more opportunity to pen under RNG then the 58 and thats where the plebs, like you seem to miss the whole point; more rounds per min= more chances to pen and damage.

          Seriously? there is very little to do with that kind of gun depression as wg keeps minimizing the variations in ground variance, the only places it comes into play are where both 6 and 10 deg of negative are moot al it’s doing is a bit less lower plate which means nothing in these heady days of everyone using aimbots. You suffer from a great deal of apathy.


  2. Hmm, I know it says it’s a medium, but looking at the stats, this pretty much perfectly fits (apart from viewrange) as a T8 light when T-54 ltwt gets bumped up to tier 9. Maybe?


  3. I feel like this wasn’t the last time we have seen the changes changed on this one.
    However, I can already see how this is basically a Cromwell.

    [overly dramatic sigh]


  4. Pretty sick tank…Rudy on steroids. If the ROF buff holds true the DPM is 2512. This Is a STA-2 with less pen, worse depression, but much better armor. A really nice flanker and if released as is, will be top tier 8 medium. Reminds me of big brother the LTTB which is one of my favorite tanks.


  5. My theory…

    Someone at WG said that they have to make the T-34-85M a better tank. Afterwards we end up with that due to a mix-up in the numbers 😜


  6. Yep, this one must be developed by a rouge WG developer, hiding in a broom closet, somewhere in the Minsk offices.
    As WG devs have stated themselves, in last dev video on NA, that they “do NOT want more Russian CLONE tanks”. So I cannot phantom why…..

    On the subject of the tank….
    It would have been a GOOD tier SEVEN, when they would have given it the 85mm D5T-85BM gun as on the T34-85 and T-43. Thus making a stock T-44 on tier 7.

    The ZiS-S53 on it NOW has ludicrous stats, compared to the S-53 in game. Lower it’s alpha to 160 dmg and I’d say OKE with it. Now…I cannot phantom why, only in my fantasies…


  7. So… A tier 6 gun in a tier 8 tank with no pref mm gets a significant penetration buff to make it work. Might as well buff the shitty pen on the IS6, IS2, Wz111 and other meds and td’s. lel


  8. 183 pen an 180 alpha, just lol. This is a T8 tank, not a T6 one.

    Also, enough with the Russian clone-tanks. Bring out some interesting premiums.


  9. I would just like to add something that really bothers me when it comes to new tanks.
    Everybody starts talking about Mutz and how good it is.
    No, Mutz is Schmutz, a piece of shit tank with poor DPM, mirrors that fuck up your shots and traverse that destroys your flanking tactics.

    STA-2 is a much better tank and really fun to play and i think it’s still better than this iteration of
    T-44-85M… except if they make it a LT.


  10. All these premium T8 medium tanks are a waste of money. You will never be able to carry a game, and the odd good game you have will be reliant on supporting better tanks than you.

    You will most often be in t10 game, where your premium ammo will be lucky to pen, but you will be penned by everything. Even if you are top teir, you will be matched against T34’s and Is3’s that wreck you so easily. Even most tier 6 and 7 tanks can pen you easily.

    The Mutz, T44-100, Patriot tanks are horrible tanks that will ruin your stats and enjoyment of the game. I had a game the other day in my Patriot and did 1500 damage (the same as my hp’s) and WN8 considered that a unicum level performance, that is how bad the patriot is.

    The Mutz is even worse and the only enjoyment you will get from that tank is the day you sell it. Horrible DPM, Alpha, armour, tier 7 tanks will laugh at you.

    You want a tank that has the armour and/or alpha to carry a game. These T8 premiums cant do that – you are basically easy meat for all the oter tanks you play against.


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