Overlord Changes Video


6 thoughts on “Overlord Changes Video

      1. who care about the point… its the only way to make the map playable….

        remove all access to the beach, make it just visual


  1. First thoughts: too many changes which were NOT needed (besides the beach area), also too much funneling cliff rocks and too many cliff pillars”.
    The last ones look completely out off place in a Normandy like landscape, even from an aesthetic point of view. New overall height difference, rest of the map, look furbar as well.



  2. The beach still lacks cover, it’s even more open to arty fire and it’s much easier to shoot tanks at beach from the upper ground.

    Generally the map is way too open with 2 conveniently placed bushes that control large parts of the map. Something like Paris – it’s cool that there is a field but it’s pretty much a death trap unless your team makes coordinated push. And coordinated push in randoms :D :D :D :D


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