WoWS – Developer Diaries – 2017 plans

French ships incoming


16 thoughts on “WoWS – Developer Diaries – 2017 plans

  1. new armament types… what it can be?
    Mines? Missiles? [for DDs or for air fighters?] Magnetic torpedoes [detonate near ship]? Nuke shells for BBs? Or maybe… depth charges? ;)


    1. We can rule out a new type of shell.
      The devs keep saying that two shells is plenty for new players to learn already. Hell, two shells is confusing enough for hte majority of players. Adding a third would not be acceptable in their mind.
      Stupid, I know, but it stands fast.


      1. “We can rule out a new type of shell.”
        I hoped for Yamato San Shiki [AA] shells :(

        Most of reddit has agreed it will be missiles, as Kildin class GUIDED MISSILE Destroyer was spotted in movie.
        I still counts on mines – this would give extra use for hydro :)


        1. Those shells on the Yamato were terrible, never hit anything and prohibited AA crew fire opening fire, seeing as none of them could see anything.

          Also, missile would be stupid, as there’s simply no countering it, they have devastating effect akin to torpedoes. Unless they’re surface to air missile, in which case they can name it whatever they want and I’ll be ok with it, as long as it has sane AA values. Considering the simplistic AA mechanics, it would be purely visual.

          Also, Project 56 isn’t the Kidlin class, but the Kotlin class.
          2×5 torpedo tubes

          It’s a rather small ship, so I expect it to have torpedo range higher than its concealment.


          1. They can make missiles into something similar to BBs HE shell – with very long reload [2 minutes] and quite accurate [but not 100% hit ratio] with similar damage and fire chance to 406 HE.
            So DD with one single 16″ gun :)


            1. You’d see DDs saving that missile to a knifefight with another DD, essentially playing Quake with the rocket launcher.

              Sounds like a lot of work in coding and balancing for something that’s going to be grossly misused.

              There’s a niche for guided misisle ships, but probably not in this game.

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  2. you really think its that bad? i found it not nearly that dramatic. But i guess we’re all huge drama queens behind a keyboard nowadays, aint we?


    1. True – RPF is not as good as many claims. I will personally take it only for few CAs/DDs which are DDs hunters. I doubt I will take it for any BBs, and for most CAs and DDs there are other more tempting options.


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