Patch coming soon

The following patch in WoT will be and will be released on January 12th (RU)

Full official patchnotes tomorrow.

Also Grille 15 was nerfed on supertest. More info – tomorrow.

UPDATE: THE NERF IS FAKE. It won’t get nerfed yet, only rumours so far


36 thoughts on “Patch coming soon

  1. grille 15 nerfed? even moar? the low penetration already makes me like it less. even the object 263 enjoys more pen, and dont tell me that 1 second better reload accounts for anything.

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    1. Low penetration? What? How is 276 pen low? Or 330 pen with the heat low? I have no problem penning everything in my grille 15. I haven’t had to fire one HEAT shell since I got the grille 15 a month ago. So I have no clue what so fucking ever about what you are talking about when u say low penetration. Please go into detail.

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      1. 276 is low penetration for a tier 10 td. my t110e3 got 310 pen, object 263 has 291 pen. sure, its still more than a heavy tank, but this is anything but a heavy tank. the gun got a turret, but isnt allowed to fully turn it. the tank has speed, but a slow turn rate. the tank has a fast firing gun, with the lowest tier 10 td penetration value. the tank is full of nerf, and that while it can be penned as easily as an fv4005.


  2. By now everyone should understand the entire game is for Russian tanks to own everything else since majority of WoT players are Russian and want their miserable rubles to funnel in CEOs pockets. Also Putin has sanctioned any tank to be better than Russian counterpart.

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        1. yes, i got 50 russian tanks in my garage. why? because i play the game for almost fucking 5 years. you simply got everything grinded by then. you must be a member of the KKK. you only see black n white. where you say russian tanks, i see TONKS. where you say american tanks, i see TONKS. what does it matter which faction the tanks belongs to? if its a good tonk, its a good tonk.

          what has tonk ever done to you? if the tonk causes you frustration, that is proof of your inability to master it. that you are a bad player. dont play tonks you cant drive, it obviously doesnt want to be driven by you. maybe you should aim for the E100, that tonk is so friendly, it accepts everyone. no matter their color :)

          dont you dare to say im a russian lover. i love each and every TONK equally. may it be as flat as an e-25, may it be as big as a type-5. each and every TONK got their designated driver. me? im a td fellah. when i unlocked the t110e3, it took me only 3 weeks to become the third best t110e3 driver. maybe because it was an enigma back then, where people didnt like the slowness and mostly went for the t110e4, but i dont care. i was fucking proud at the 5000 gold i earned with showing off.

          the isu-152 is also a most beloved tank that i drive with all my heart. 750 damage and 286 pen at tier 8? i even make a maus cry with such stats!! why the fuck wouldnt i drive it for those stats? because its russian? you are an ignorant fool, and fall within the same catagory as people who get out of the cap circle and lose, simply because they want that 1 extra shot of damage, instead of letting their entire team enjoy the extra XP from a win.

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          1. and with this said, i hope you finally get it now. red players are red because they dont want to recognize their own failures. you need to see past the black n white, and see the greatness of TONK!!

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  3. Literally they had to give the swedish tanks for free to people to play. Everyone has now figured out Russian tanks are all OP and any other nation tanks will all get nerfed to oblivion. Bait and switch no more. Protest, just play play russian tanks.

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  4. Ye, grille is toxic af, but really, nerf? Meanwhile e5 still casually wrecking tier X balance? Ok I guess, you need a tier X that every 400wn8 ape can do well in. Grille is OP, but only in somewhat capable hands.

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  5. Never liked the Grille, like the Skorpion you need full aim and even then I managed to miss many shots with a 3/4 skilled crew. No snapshot capabilities. Camo is useless but the tank isn’t huge..


    1. Sturer Emil is OP? Are you fucking retarded or what the fuck? Its not mobile at all and has basically 0 armor…I bet you are a 500 wn8 ape that tries to ninja cap/camp base every fucking game.
      Grille is OP because of its mobility, it’s gun is way better then all other tier 10 td’s with 1.23 seconds aim time and 0.24 m accuracy, in good hands has potential of 4k+ average damage.

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      1. Well, well, we aren’t the brightest star in the heavens, now are we, sid3wind3r? Or is it that we picked the wrong skills for the commander? Usually, I go for Reading and Comprehension, but that’s just me, the 500 WN8 ape.

        As someone who actually drives a Grille 15, I can say that it’s very situational. Yes, it does have a great gun and speed, but that’s all. It’s way too team and map reliant, low camo, no turret, no armor, large size and open top. The gun, while having superb accuracy and aim time, has horrible dispersion on the move (have fun trying to hit anything while moving) and it has the lowest pen of any Tier X TD (which, when the RNG comes into play, matters). Regarding the speed, it’s balanced by its low turning rate. Once you’re spotted, by the time you manage to turn around and use that speed, you’re dead. Not to mention other miscellaneous stuff like the fact that the gun and engine (which is at the front) get knocked out very often. And with a damaged engine and gun, you’re basically a Tier X Sturer Emil.

        So it’s quite a balanced vehicle, with its strengths and weaknesses, but thanks to the constant bitching by “pros” of course it will get nerfed. Because everything that doesn’t play peek-a-boom or rush-and-brawl must be removed, amirite?

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      1. And when you check vbaddict closely you’ll realize it has no value. 62A has 48,46% winrate, 121 has 52,05%.
        I like the site, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t judge if tank is OP by server winrate. E5 is really close to 50%, do you feel it’s average?

        Now, if you look at DPG whores for example, you can see people pull similar DPG’s in Grille 15 as they were in Foch 155, I presume unnerfed. Do you feel tank as strong as Foch 155 is okay?


        1. My statement about statistics wasn’t based on the winrate, I find that to be a rather misleading parameter.

          Regarding the damage from dpgwhores, the BatChat, T-22 medium or TVP T 50/51 to name a few are doing better, and we’re talking here about medium tanks, not tank destroyers. TDs are supposed to have better damage.

          Any vehicle’s performance is based on a combination of major attributes (speed, agility, camo, armor, gun) and minor ones (HP, view range, gun depression, size, turret/gun arc, armor shape and layout, drum reload time, track layout, open or closed top, internal layout etc). An overpowered vehicle has 3 or more of the major ones (SU-122-44, E25 etc), a balanced one has have 2, maybe 3 (depending on the combination and the minor ones) and a bad vehicle is one that has a single good thing going for it (Sturer Emil or AMX-40).

          Right now, the Grille 15 has just two things: its speed and its gun. So let’s nerf the gun. How?
          – Lower the pen (it’s already has the lowest one for Tier X TDs), then you’d have even more rage (from the targets if gold spamming, from the Grille drivers if using AP).
          – Lower the accuracy and, in order to hit anything, it would have to be played as an assault gun. With paper armor.
          – Maybe increase the aimtime? Let’s not forget that this vehicle can’t snapshot at all, its movement dispersion is horrible, so it needs a fast aimtime if it wants to land a hit or even manage to fire before the target is back in cover, preferably after it has already hit you.
          – Increase the reload time – again, this is a TD, it’s supposed to have good damage.
          – Decrease the damage per shot – it’s a 150 mm gun, so 750 is in line with other similar guns

          About the speed its simple – it has no armor, no camo and no HP, so its survivability relies strictly on being able to move fast. Take that away and it becomes almost useless.


  6. Why would Grille be nerfed anyway ?
    All it is mobility and accuracy ; and it doesnt even turn that quick.
    It has the lowest pen of tier X TDs, the lowest armor, it doest have a full turret, it has insane dispersion values so as soon as it moves the gun forget about your accuracy…

    If you nerf its mobility then it will need a camo buff because that’s how paper tanks are balanced : either good mobility or good camo.
    If you nerf its gun it will be worse Object268 and that’s an achievement. What’ll be the point of driving a paper tank that gets instant spotted whenever it fires if its to do no dmg or low dpm. And lazer accuracy is what makes it special so I hardly see WG nerf that ; otherwise they’d need to buff penetration so the tank can keep distances, and I bet nobody wants more ultra-high pen tanks.

    If the tanks gets any nerf it’ll be in mobility and they’ll need to compensate somehow to make it not suck ; and whatever they do to compensate will result in making it too strong one way or another.
    The tank is fine, go nerf some russian tanks for once WG they’re the real problems ; Grille has enough downsides already.


    1. All negatives you listed are negated by the positives
      -lowest pen – best accuracy, meaning you can hit weakspots pretty reliably. although yes it can’t lolpen IS-7’s turrets maus’s upper plate etc.
      -lowest armor – can’t argue with that, but it’s somewhat countered by lowest exposure time of all T10 TD’s – turret is narrow, aimtime is insane, it’s fast so it can get out of and into cover real quick, rear mounted turret allowing you to limit what you expose.
      -doesn’t have a full turret – neither does any other T10 TD, second best gun arc of all of them
      -insane dispersion – best aimtime of all high tier tanks (not sure if in the game coz of all low tier autocannons and stuff), best accuracy. In reality it aims quicker than STB-1, only thing it can’t do is snapshot on the move. Once you stop moving for half a sec-second it’s aimed in.

      I don’t ask for it being nerfed to the ground, just the top speed. It’s retarded that this thing can deny positions to mediums and lights because it’s so fast. Examples?

      Climbing hill on cliff or going to donut through 1-line? Grille says hello
      Rushing 1-line on fisherman’s bay? Grille is already waiting
      Defending on Karelia, trying to get under the hill to proxy? Grille will shoot you before you get there
      Medium on mines? Lose 750HP while climbing
      Mountain pass going south west? Grille is in position to shoot you
      Rushing center on ruinberg? Going north on swamp? Tundra hill with not great spawn? Airfield balcony? Northwest on sand river?

      All these positions are somewhat risky or suicide when Grille (2,3…) is in the game. It should not be like that.


      1. Object263 is better in every aspect except it doesnt have a semi-turret.
        -insane dpm
        -insane front armor can deny even tier X gold ammo
        -insane camo
        -really good accuracy, and again this parameter isnt a very valid one because we’re in a game where Grille15 can miss fully aimed shots at targets 300m away but KV-2 can snipe at render range limit, so I honestly dont agree n anything considered OP or UP for its accuracy.
        -insane mobility (can go as fast as most mediums)
        -good alpha (still around 500dmg per , for 9s reload. You’ll kill anything faster than Grille)

        And I dont see any nerf proposal for it. Yet it has all the upsides of Grille except gun arc and accuracy (which are not bad still) ; and none of its downsides.


      2. And how many of those rushing Grilles survive long enough to fire more than 1 or 2 shots? Not that many. I’ve seen plenty of them doing exactly what you said, firing a shot and dying a few seconds later.


  7. The truth is anytime a situational TD player learns how to use that TD and “gits gud” and totally wrecks heavy tank players, they all start bitching. There are plenty of examples of good heavy tank players owning everyone else on the map on you tube in their OP tier X heavies. But god forbid if a TD owns you and wrecks your illusion that good heavy tank players should never get owned by a lowly TD. Not everyone can play these TDs in the manner you are describing. These are good players who know how to play that tank. Your argument seems to be that any tomato can buy one of these tanks and suddenly dethrone vastly superior players in their Tier X Heavies because they have some kind of advantage now. There are maps where my UDES03 has a great advantage however 95% of the time it is at a disadvantage because most maps are catered to Heavy brawlers. There are not many maps where these situational TDs have any advantage so no nerf is required me thinks.


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