Various Mashed-up WoWS News

Some are from Reddit, some are recieved on the TAP mail.

On new permanent camos:

Additional permanent camouflages from WoWS Public Test 0.6.0:
Japan: Aoba, Fuso, Nagato, Amagi
United States: Farragut, Independence, New Mexico
United Kingdom: Leander
Soviet: Budyonny
Germany: Nürnberg, Ernst Gaede, Bayern
All permanent camouflage from Tier 6 will be available except Ryujo & Colorado.
Permanent camouflage for T6 ships costs 1000 gold, with 30% experience bonus, 4% enemy shell accuracy decrease, and 3% concealment bonus.
However, rewarded permanent camouflage on “Santa Convoy” mission (Fuso, Farragut, Budyonny, Leander, Bayern) has 50% experience bonus, much better than ordinary permanent camouflage.

On Alabama ST:

The Alabama ST has only 63.300 hp, while Kurfurst has 105.000 hp.

PAEP320_Alabama_ST.collisionDamageNerf changed in second object (was 1.0, is 0.25)

Also it has some fire resistance
low detonation
+AAA efficiency.
Camouflage bonuses on Alabama ST:
  • Standard bonuses like other premium ships.
  • Special camouflage reduces ramming damage by 75%.
  • Special camouflage reduces detonation chance by 99%.

On the Fire Prevention Update:

Credits to Cyayangu:

Fire Prevention in 0.6.0 PTS was significantly buffed from before. In addition to the -7% chance of fire, now the skill merges the superstructure into one location for fires instead of two.

What this means is that setting two fires on the superstructure is no longer possible. This is now an amazing skill for BBs. This is what it normally looks like without Fire Prevention.

This is what it looks like with Fire Prevention.

The RPF Skill is Indeed Sector Based in 0.6.0 PT (source: lirg03):

After my initial investigations on the RPF skill here, I did some more testing on how the indicator moves.

TLDR: Although not obvious, but the RPF indicator can only be in one of 16 sectors (22.5 degree each), with respect to your ships’ heading north of the map, not your camera angle, not your ship’s heading.

Test environment: training room, single stationary target.

Method: Sailing in a straight line (north -> south in the first test, some random direction in the second test), aim the camera at the center of the indicator, without locking onto the target, so the camera stays on the same bearing with respect to ship’s heading the map’s north. If the indicator changes location, I re-aim the camera and take a screenshot.

The first pic shows all 8 maps side by side, from left to right and top to bottom. The second and third map, and the corresponding screenshots below, shows that when the target is within the same sector, the indicator does not move.

The second pic is an overlay of all 8 maps. It shows 6 sectors I tested. Based on symmetry, I think there are 8 sectors in each 180 degrees, making 22.5 degrees each. The sector to the bow of the ship should be from 0 degree to 22.5 degree, with respect to your ship’s heading

The third and forth pics are from the second test. The ship is sailing in a fixed random direction, to confirm the sectors are with respect to the north of the map, not ship’s heading.

By overlaying the two overlays from the first and the second test, we can see some of the sectors overlaps exactly, despite the ship’s different headings. This confirms the sectors are aligned to the map’s north, not ship’s heading. There is a sector from -11.25 degrees to 11.25 degrees (0 being north), and the rest follows.

So assume the indicator moves as soon as the target moves from one sector to another, the center of the indicator points to a direction <11.25 degree away from the target’s true bearing. Personally, I think 16 sectors give too much resolution on the heading. 4 or 8 might be more reasonable.