Strv S1 Updated Stats


Tier 8
Health 1 000
Hull armor 30 / 30 / 30 mm
Turret armor (no turret) 0 / 0 / 0 mm
Speed limit 50 / 45
Penetration 288 / 330 / 53 mm
Alpha Damage 390 / 390 / 480
Rate of fire 5.88 rounds/minute
Accuracy 0.4
Aiming time 3 seconds
View range 350 m
 moving 0.253
 still 0.422
 camouflage bonus 0.04
 camouflage net bonus 0.15
 fire penalty 0.633
Signal range 850 m
Weight 33 000 kg
Engine 540
Power/Weight 16.4 hp/t
Traverse speed 26
Terrain resistance
 hard soil 1.4
 average soil 1.5
 soft soil 2.6


Level 10
Caliber 105
Ammo capacity 50

slpprj m/61

slpprj m/66

slsgr m/61A
Reload time 10.2
Aim time 3
Accuracy 0.4
Shot dispersion factor
 turret rotation 0.1
 after shot 18
 while gun damaged 2
Traverse Arc -3..+3
Elevation arc 1..+1
Traverse speed 5.0
Impulse 0.48
Invisibility factor at shot 0.209

13 thoughts on “Strv S1 Updated Stats

  1. Looks terrible. Basically fatter UDES 03 with dead driver but armor…that works only against like 1/4 of guns it meets. And possibly better RoF.



    1. I mean, it would have been maybe OK if it had 40mm of front armor…but meh. Atleast WG made premium that doesnt make me waste to yet another 40 euros on…i guess i should be glad lol

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  2. Considering the speed and power to weight ratio, and accuracy, this thing is pretty much the stock tier 9…
    Except the rotation speed is even worse than on the current tier 8. And the current tier 8 is a pain in the ass to play whenever you need to turn, would it be when you drive or try to aim…

    Doesnt look very appealing in fact.
    And we dont know yet how many years it’ll take for it to switch between modes ; this is also a real pain when driving the UDES (if it wasnt for the camo this tank would be garbage…)

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    1. Horrible mobility. The soft stats for terrain resistance is downright terrible. Compared to the Udes, this is downright horrible. Udes have pretty much everything better except armour which no one counts on and DPM.


      1. Lets not forget that UDES itself isnt amazing either, from most scources i heard/seen. In fact its absolute trash if you dont hardcore bushwank with it.


        1. Its trash even when camping.
          In fact I rather play it on small corridor maps than on big open maps, because of the horrible turning speed : when ennemies pop left and right you spend a huge amount of time turning the tank. The accuracy isnt insane either, when on siege mode it has a 1.9s aim time, and it must be something like 0.33 accuracy.
          Also with stock engine but full tracks,even with the 24hp/t ratio the tank barely goes above 50km/h on straight lines. And the 2s mode switch is too long.

          A disapointment. The tier 8 looks way better, turns so much faster and has better armor… But worse camo and speed and accuracy somehow.

          And tier X seems like the mid point : reasonable mobility but far from exceptionnal, same for traverse speed, camo and armor. Only dpm.

          Overmatch mechanic would change all of that. For now tanks are okay-ish. Tier 7 was more fun imo I loved it


          1. I meant the tier 9* looks way better.

            But on the other hand I have a clan mate that absolutely loves this tank. Within a week he had almost 200 games in it, 2 marks of excellence and he probably isnt far from the tier 9.

            However I have a hard time with mine, even with full female crew. But that’s maybe my own playstyle that doesnt fit this line.


  3. Well, i suppose this is aimed for those who doesn’t have the time/energy to grind out the actual tree for the siege mode TDs but have money.

    I will still buy it though.

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      1. Normally I would agree with you but in this case I cannot, given how this is the only premium tank that will have siege mode, giving the perfect excuse for me (and for everyone) to say that they buy it because of the reasons I listed in my original comment.

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    1. It should, it is a stage in the making of the Strv 103.
      I think this is the entire point of having this tank in the game anyway.


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