KV-122, number 116, the end of an era

This is article by reddit user: Usertmp , it’s published here with his permission. Now go ahead and read about “the WOT sickness” many of us have (me especially) and shed a tear or two…


Like a very smart man once said: “It’s time to stop okay. No more.”. And he was right, it’s time to stop. After 5.5 years the time to stop has finally come.

Time to stop collecting premium tanks, that is. It all started in early 2011, before the release of the game. Wargaming offered three pre-order bundles, each with a different premium tank: The A-32, Pz V/IV and M6A2E1. Not only that, Wargaming also decided to give the M4A2E4 Sherman to beta players who played more than 1000 battles between January 27th and the release of the game. Of course I wanted the beta Sherman, who doesn’t like free, unique, premium tanks? The pre-order tanks were different, which one should I choose? Hah, just kidding. I bought them all. Which was the start of my collection. This meant that I started the game with 5 premium tanks and 50.200 gold, but only 3 tier 1 tanks. (The Valentine is from the beta access code I used)

In the following 5.5 years I have tried my best to keep my collection complete, I was incredibly lucky to get the M60 Patton in the first campaign, which was a huge relief since it meant I might be able to keep my collection complete. I wasn’t a very good player back then you see, but thankfully IDEAL accepted me as a mercenary for the first campaign. Thanks guys.

My first set-back was when I missed the Object 907 campaign by about 700 places due to clan drama in the clan where I was an officer and field commander. At that moment I lost a lot of trust in clans and people and it was the moment I decided to stop commanding and leading. It truly is a thankless job. But this small set-back didn’t stop me from collecting premiums. I continued with the mind-set of “I’ll just be the one with the most amount of premiums them”. But to this day, I’m still pouring with salt.

I was lucky a few other times as well, like with the SU-76i. I was at home when that was in the shop for maybe 2 hours so I was able to grab that. To this day, friends still hate me for it. Sorry Fujibayashi_Nagato, I really should have gifted you one. I was able to buy the Pz II J back in 2012 by buying a code from a friend who had attended Gamescom. He managed to pick up two, so I could keep my collection complete. Thanks friend.

Another set-back was the T22 sr. I decided to not rig that to avoid being banned and not being able to get it. But when I eventually decided to grind it almost nobody was playing the gamemodes. Finding a game during the day was almost impossible. So I lost out on the T22 as well, but it was due to my own fault so that’s okay.

But the decision to actually stop collecting is a recent one. This week, in fact. Friends notified me to the fact that the normal AMX M4 mle. 49 was a drop from the big Holiday Ops packages. And of course that could only mean one thing: I had to have it. And let me just name the bonuses I got from these packages: 30 days of premium, 30 days of premium, 30 days of premium, 2500 gold, 2500 gold, 2500 gold. Yes, you read that right, I did not get a single tank with 6 packages bought. This led me to believe that premium tanks which you already have cannot be dropped from the packages. And since I have a Liberté the game probably thinks I don’t want the normal version. I opened a support ticket about this, but later friends told me that people did in fact get premium tanks they already had. But I also know that World of Warships has a system where the drop rerolls if the drop is a ship you already have, but you’re guaranteed to get a ship. But since I already had all the tanks, it probably reverted to the days of premium or gold.


On the other hand, this 65.000 gold and 533 days of premium will last me a while.

So finally, after 116 premium tanks, it is time to stop. Finally.

For those that want to know the premium tanks I am currently missing, but had an acceptable chance to get:

  • 121B
  • T-22 sr
  • AMX M4 mle. 49

Tanks I could have gotten if I was incredibly lucky by being at the right place at the right time:

  • Pz V/IV Alpha
  • AMX 13 57
  • KV-220-2 Beta

Edit: Missing the T-44-122 as well. It’s literally the only premium I actually want nowadays.

It was a long and eventful journey, but I had fun. Lots of fun. I still enjoy the game a lot and I’ll definitely keep playing it, I just won’t be smashing the “Buy” button on every premium vehicle from now on.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

Special thanks to Filthy Frank for telling me to stop.

Source: reddit.com