WG Fest console Q&A

Answers are from Anastasia Pribylskaya (regional producer), translated by Vladimir

– Clans are priority number 2 next year;
– We will do cybersport events in 2017, we’re already preparing functionalities for them;
– The main achievements of last year were the PS4 release and that we caught up with Xbox content-wise;
– In Minsk, only 4 people are permanently working on WoT console;
– There will be more fun modes next year, for example in January we will have a comic-mode, during which the game will look like a comic;
– Replays will come next year;
– “Tank Aces” is a good idea for consoles, we’ll look at the PC results and decide afterwards;
– Only RU region is using minimap mainly, others are using the radar;
– Skill balance is being prepared for 7×7;
– We ceased support of the Assistant app for console due to lack of demand;
– I can’t say anything about new WG games on consoles;
– Yes, there will be new customized tanks, very different from the PC version;
– There will be no tank rental on consoles, we’ll use alternative mechanics;
– There will be “bonus for tanking”, can’t say when exactly;
– Next patch will be in January;
– We’d like to improve the graphics on Xbox 360, but can’t do anything about it due to the limitations of the console;