WG Fest Q&A

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

Answering are Murazor(M), Slava Makarov(S) and Anton Pankov(A)

A/S: We try to setup the matchmaker so it places the players on maps which they haven’t played before and breaks a series of maps. The problem is known.

S: We only managed to prepare the new Sandbox iteration now due to problems with the interface department. I myself am not quite sure whether there will be a tíer 8 Sandbox, since it is just a mechanism to test hypotheses. Sandbox should give answers to certain questions.

A/M: Nations with tier 10 lights will be: USSR, USA, Germany, France and China. We’re searching for candidates for the others. The current tier 8 lights will be moved to tier 9 except for China. This will happen during the first half of the next year.

S: The old mechanism of historical battles is completely buried. Something new? Please be patient.

A/M: Account protection (similar to Steam, Blizzard) will be improved, we’re currently working on it. We also want to include the Assistant app more.

S/M: A Soviet customizable tank will come in the foreseeable future, and I think you’ll like it. (This is about an unique camouflage for the RU server).

M/S: It is not likely for the WT E-100 to return in any way. If there appear new plans to re-introduce it, we will, but I currently don’t see any need.

M: Type 59 is a legend, it might currently not be the most comfortable vehicle, but it’s certainly not a bad tank. It’s the best MT of its tier.

S: +-25% damage will remain untouched, similarly regarding penetration.

M: We’re currently discussing which mechanics tier 10 LT will have. They are supposed to have some unique features.

A: Several bad maps will be removed next year, we’ll discuss which.

A: We’re currently setting up the new WGC (Wargaming Center) launcher, unifying all projects, it will have several new functions: background downloads, night-time only download, timer etc. (Seb: not bad, WG)

M: There are blueprints of Swedish artillery with 14 shells [in a magazine, I assume], but no, we will certainly not introduce it.

S: The change in penetration mechanics is part of the new balance, but we’re currently not 100% sure how to implement it.

S: KV-5 doesn’t have to be buffed, it’s good as it is. It has a problem if being imbalanced, but uncomfortable, and this is not easy to solve.

M: We have plans already for reworking and nerfing the Grille 15. It is very popular and toxic and we know how to solve this.
S: Funnily enough, during the last Q&A we were said that Grille 15 is too weak and should be buffed.

A: We think that personal missions are more or less balanced as they are, but there are a few tasks which should be corrected. We won’t change anything in the 1st campaign though, we don’t want everyone to have a 260 and T-55A.

M/S: Currently, two Swedish branches are enough, it’s hard to say whether there will be more.

S: There will be no modern tanks in our game as long as I am creative director.

A: Black tanks were an experiment, since there currently is no customization system. The result was quite bad, we do admit this. That’s it, no black tanks next year. Slava warned us about this.

S: I want to see a part of the mechanics from WoWS in WoT, I won’t give any specifics, there will be announcements.
A: Even projects of our colleagues have things we’d like to implement as well.
S: “Quickly stolen counts as invented”.

A: We’re working on our own protection system. We already started to ban these shitheads [cheaters]. There will be more ban waves. We do work on an anti-cheat solution.

S: In fact, there were no multi-turret tests. The Mark was a game object, not a tank the player could control.

S: I personally do not like the mechanism of marathons [a.k.a grind-fest] at all.

A: There will be support for sound mods.

S: The development plan for next year is oversaturated with features.

M: There will be no premium tanks with preferential MM.

A: Balance of vehicles, balance of teams, maps, artillery, performace – 5 main directions of development.

A: Currently no progress on bonus for tanking, it’s not a fact that it will appear at all.

A/S: Balance 3-5-7 will come, but will be a bit more complicated.

A: No plans to sell female crew members in the near future. Currently they are personal mission rewards only.
A/S: Also, we still have to make the female voice-over…

S: We’re thinking of rewarding long-time paying customers, but certainly not with OP stuff for money, sorry.

M: Scorpion was untouched this patch.