WoWS: [0.5.16 PT] German DDs Changes

All this information is subject to change until the final release on the live server.

German Hydro is replaced by the normal one (the same as the IJN or VMF ships) Smoke is replaced too, from the normal one (the same as the IJN/VMF DDs) to a special one for the germans, they have less duration than the others smokes, (For the tier 7, they have 65s against 85 from the VFM/IJN)

Tons of armor changes tier 6+ (buffs)

Some low tier torps got nerfed a bit:

  • V-25 (32 to 38s)
  • G-101 (32 to 38s)
  • V-170 stock torps (32 to 38s)

Penalty for shooting with the main guns was nerfed to hell: from 3.15km to 6.65km, some higher tiers got up to 8km.

Source: jacquesbsj