Speculation: Possible Advent Calendar Offers

It’s a leak and I do not trust it.

5 December: VK 45.03
6 December: 1 Year Prem. Account
7 December: KV-220-2
9 December: ISU-122 Berlin
10 December: Amx 13 57 GF
11 December: KV-5
12 December: M56 Scorpion
13 December: 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger
14 December: IS-3A
16 December: IS-2 Berlin
19 December: Cromwell Berlin
22 December: leKpz M 41 90 mm GF
23 December: Rudy


34 thoughts on “Speculation: Possible Advent Calendar Offers

  1. I first saw this yesterday already, and KR indeed popped up today.

    If VK is tomorrow and 1 year prem acc in 6th then its very likely true, actually.

        1. I believe it would make you mad. The subject would be: I am a retard\” and the text would continue on my imbecilism and inability to grasp the harsh WOT reality 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Yeah, i\’ve seen original Reddit thread on this leak and day 1 to 4 is spot on. Of course there are some chance WG shuffling back the days if they aware about this leak but for now it seems pretty legit.

  3. Am I the only one seeing that the 8, 15, 17, 18, 20 and 21 is missing?

    Also, they said they will introduce new tanks never seen before.

    …Yes, this IS fake.

        1. the uber-rare and never seen before is a separate thing from advent.

          New Premium Tanks

          Beyond a shadow of a doubt, uber-rare and never-before seen tanks are coming to the Premium Shop this month. Keep an eye out on the following dates:

          Dec. 2-12

          Dec. 9-19

          Dec. 20 – Jan. 9

          Dec. 21 – Jan. 2

          So for Dec 2nd – 12 (and ya it had a ten day duration listed) we get a black IS-6. 5 euro says the other 3 \”never before seen\” are just black versions of Lowe, Mutz, and STA-2 like console had.

          1. But replying to myself, lets hope the missing days are hot and rare and new!!! WG has earned a little positive faith lately so I guess I should once again … DARE TO HOPE!!

    1. Its not fake. They just didnt find any data to tell you what it will be offered at the missed days. So far the this list was rigth for the last 4 days.

        1. Datamining the calendar page for , the reddit thread where this list originated from has the specifics.

          1. I see. Well then.

            I also scrolled down and read the explanation shadyrush made, so now I know it all.
            But thank you for replying nonetheless.

  4. So basically all bs. I mean some good tanks but nothing. Rare. So a waste.of time

  5. They used item id\’s from the premium shop to identify the offers in the advent calendar. Problem is: codes are for the current (newish) premium shop which was introduced like 2 years ago. So you can only identify items that have been sold after the new premium shop came out.

    Tl;dr: It\’s quite possible the blanks are going to be some ancient stone age premiums.

    Seb, if you actually read into the thread you would have found out that the way they mined the data is very reliable and it has been done by the same person who got it right last year. To add: he got it right so far. But I don\’t mind, I\’ll just wait a couple of weeks for the 3 magic words: told you so 😉

  6. Guess we\’ll find out how accurate it is over the next few days – though even if it were accurate now, if I were WG I\’d mix it up to avoid it being seen as accurate…

  7. i bet they will bring back T26E5 adn AMX M4 49 both without clown camo… at least i hope so because i would actually buy T26E5

  8. Got to love and appreciate accurate data mine….. so 5 days in a row it\’s right fair to say your scepticism was incorrect on this occasion. Thanks for posting though as I know which days to check.

  9. M4 49 and T26E5 without camo in the advent calendar would be like a big dick-slap in the face. And they will probably not be sold without bundle too. Since you \”already got them without bundle\”.

  10. Nothing new in there to me, I own all the tenks on the list bar the IS-3A.If the T26E5 becomes available , I`ll be tempted to spend some dosh…

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