(EU) December Specials

Thanks to DemoN_M4U for translating

3-10 December – discount on normal and premium tiers II-V, missions for consumables and crew xp personal reserves

10-16 December – x3 for first win, discount on camo, inscriptions, emblems, tier VI and VII tanks(excludes swedish), mission 25k xp (must be top 10 in battle) for consumables and crew xp personal reserves

24.12-01.01 – discount on 180 and 360 days of prem account, VIII – X normal tanks (excluding swedish) and VIII prem tanks, 1 Free XP – 10 Crew XP

1-20 January – you can win prizes on polish channel, personal reserve, premium account, Rudy premium tank. You need to subscribe to the channel, click the link in desciption, and write in game nick and yt name. Prizes will be handed out 22.12.


11 thoughts on “(EU) December Specials

  1. Wargaming being Wargaming: Exclude all the new Swedish tanks from the discounts despite them being in the game and despite them fitting the criteria.

    Because: MONEY!


    1. You ever seen NEW tanklines being in the discount?
      I haven’t.
      Wait a year, then they should be included.
      It was the same with Czechoslovakian tanks a year ago.
      Or was it 2 years ago?


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