15 thoughts on “Xan’s WoT EU Climbing Contest

  1. Next competition will be worldwide, leaderboards for every region and much more accessible for everyone.
    Stay tuned ;D

    This is to measure the skills of the best goats in town. Have a go at a couple of these climbs and see the difficulty for yourself.

    Good luck to anyone participating!

  2. Wot eu climbing contest sounds like official wg thing. Maybe name these kind of things differently next time?

    1. Do you have any idea how silly you sound?
      WarGaming and knowing their approach of dealing with \”climbing\”, they\’d put invisible walls all over the place.
      I don\’t want to sound rude, but think and use that brain of yours.

  3. Why do you sport a Chad flag? Or Romanian flag? Or Andorra/Moldova without the coat of arms?

  4. HAHA. And competition participants do all work showing where and how you can use map.
    WG whats those videos and change those spots for sure!

  5. WOT climbing contest, that\’s like the clan I won\’t name and the users I won\’t either…that used cheat to climb high in the Alley of fame tournament? … :/

    But on topic…love your climb videos and your steams (that are vanilla pure skill steams btw <3 )


    1. Thanks borkrist!
      Hehehe that one clan we won\’t name, but both know ^^

      <3 thanks again for the kind words

  6. Got recently raped by a BatChat, we started on the south spawn, typical way – left flank, an enemy BatChat crossed the Bridge and climbed on the mid-hill with the few old Towers on it.. Never saw a Player on this hill since 1943… stronq heking-skillz?

      1. Oh FFS it embedded it and didn\’t save the timestamp.. the climb happens at 16:35

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