WoWS: Japanese Destroyer Branch Revamped!

Four new Japanese ships will be joining their ranks in the Japanese Tech Tree!

Due to this new addition, the Japanese destroyer branch will be revamped and new stats and Tiers will be assigned.

Find out more about the upcoming change from the chart below!

Chart here:


2 thoughts on “WoWS: Japanese Destroyer Branch Revamped!

  1. what im getting from these changes is that jp dds went from being dedicated torp boats to being what exactly? the gun boats are kinda crap until tier 8 and the torp boats are the same as the gun boats but with a couple extra torps to put in the water? then at the end at tier 9 you get a dedicated torp boat… they seem to have lost their identity a bit. i dont see why the gun boats still have torps which are amazing when they couldve just nerfed the torps further but had better guns because the guns for the most part are still meh.


  2. Welp, I won’t know how screwed up everything is until it’s up on the live server but RIP my Fubuki torps. I’ll miss you, you 15km sillies. I’m not gonna enjoy having to adapt to these new ships I think.

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