Panther 8.8 turret changed in 9.17 Common test

Thanks to Edward for the email!

WG has changed the size of the Panther 8.8’s turret in 9.17 Common test and did not mention it in the patchnotes.

Turret from the front:

Turret from the side:


40 thoughts on “Panther 8.8 turret changed in 9.17 Common test

  1. They mentioned they were buffing the frontal gun depression to -8 and would change the model so the gun wouldn’t clip into the hull. Calm your tits potential ragers

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      1. you won’t it’s german, they get 5 nerfs for every one buff and that buff is usually something that is nonsensical, like the the 10mm of added Armour to the overly soft Lowe , means absolutely nothing to the actual pen stats it will face regularly , but they can turn around and say they buff German.. commie cunts at WG. nuff said.


  2. Is it me or has TAP become a bit tabloid of late?

    Posting any headline grabbing rubbish without stopping to think for a moment, or fact check.


      1. I bet something like


        would get a lot of clicks, I can already imagine the comment section where 80%, ok 95% of people only reads title.

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    1. They did not mention such change, so unless it’s a hidden one, everything should be the same.
      Feel free to correct me, I’m only going by logical deduction.


  3. Hm, this looks much more narrow, finally worth the ‘Schmalturm’ name.
    Since that literally means ‘narrow turret’.

    I actually like this new version. Though I wonder, will this change the penetration values (the new pen calculations included)?

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