WoWS Q&A #2 – 18th November 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU

Q&A from RU dated Friday, 18 November

Source: http://worldofwarshi…question_dev_6/

Note that some answers provide links to previously given answers. These are omitted here but can be found in previous translations.

Q: The Ocean map has been removed. Only maps with islands remain. I would like more open maps. Many players sit behind islands in smoke. The gameplay is static and resembles that of tank-destroyers in WoT.
A: We have not removed the Ocean. It is still available at tiers IX and X. We balance the maps for all ship classes. There are open maps in game, such as Okinawa and Atlantic. The tank-destroyer analogy is not quite correct.

Q: Can we expect spectacular effects of ship detonations, with turrets flying, flash of explosions and columns of smoke?
A: We are already considering this idea. At the moment, we cannot say if and when such effects would be added to the game. We are currently working on a new technology for modeling special effects in the game.

Q: Do you plan to unify gold and doubloons? What about silver?
A: The unification of gold is not planned in the near future, but will occur eventually. We definitely do not plan unification of silver.

Q: You often refer to history when rationalizing design decisions. Be consistent and give the AA capability to USS Arkansas.
A: Let me say that only few ships at tier 4 have decent AA. The Arkansas has merits that make it different from her analogue the Wyoming. For example, six upgrade slots, which allow her to shoot further and more accurate, and be stealthier. The Arkansas has more secondaries, whereas the Wyoming more AA. So while better secondaries give the format ship an edge in close combat, the AA will not necessarily safe the latter from an air attack. Taking about historical facts, the ship is represented in its 1912 fit that did not carry AA.

Q: Do you plan a Japanese battleship of tiers 6-8?
A: We do, but I cannot share any release date. Please follow the official site.

Q: When will you add “I am sorry” to quick commands.
A: We already answered this question.

Q: When will the game be optimized, bugs and glitches get corrected?
A: With every patch we work on correcting problems, trying to make the game more comfortable, and introducing new features. We did announce that the last patch will be small, and yet even such a small patch has included an important feature – antialiasing. We appreciate your staying with the game, despite not being entirely satisfied with its performance.

Q: When is the depot coming, where we can store, sell and buy resources. Why do I need to buy your frigging doubloons, when I want to simply use my inventory and my silver? Tell us when the depot is coming? How many times should we ask this question?
A: We already said that we are working on the depot feature.

Q: Why do you keep telling us that depot is not an important feature of the game?
A: The depot is forthcoming, we already told about it.

Q: Why does the game have an English name, despite there being a close Russian translation available?
A: As is known, the WoWs is one of a triad of WG games, which also includes World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. We cannot change the name of the game without coordinating it with the other two projects. Besides, according to our information, the majority of players would not like to see the game renamed.

Q: Will there be a depot with equipment, modules, flags, etc. similar to WoT?
A: We already answered this question.

Q: Developers tell us a lot about foreign history and great achievements… but this is a Russian server..this is Russia. Did we not have our heroes? Why not remind us about our heroes and battles.. to feel proud about the country, the motherland. Why do you close your eyes on our history?
A: We do not close our eyes, you are wrong. We have many videos in the history corner. More video material can be found in our gaming rubric “Overkill” and others on the official YouTube channel. Many of these videos are dedicated to the heroic deeds of Russian and Soviet servicemen.

Q: Do you remove popular questions from Q&A that are inconvenient to you?
A: Of course not. We already answered this question before.

Q: Will there be Kamikazes on Japanese carriers?
A: We do not plan introducing the Kamikazes. This was a desperate measure, taken under extreme conditions, when the technological lag and the lack of resources had a great influence on the outcome of the war, and desperate measures were necessary. In our game, the players are initially in a situation of balance, which makes the inclusion of such desperate measures pointless.

Q: The title of the game on the Russian server is in English, despite having an exact Russian translation. This question has been posted and deleted several times. We will continue posting this question till we get an answer.
A: We answered this question above.

Q: Does the karma have any influence on gameplay (getting into weaker teams, losing more often)? I think this is unfair if karma actually aggrieves a player, then anyone can click down anyone purely out of spite (and undeserved).
A: Karma has no effect on matchmaking. Concerning clicking someone “down”, this cannot be relevant to a good player with a good conduct, because compliments will prevail over reports and “down-clicks”. Moreover, players with good karma may receive various bonuses for positive karma.


8 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A #2 – 18th November 2016

  1. Q&A in a nutshell:

    “Where is depot?”
    -It’s coming soon

    “Where is depot?”
    -We already answered above, it’s coming soon

    “Where is depot?”

    “Why is the title of the game English?”
    -Because the other games are called World of [x] too.

    “Why is the title of the game English?”
    -We already answered

    “Stop erasing the question!!! Why is the title of the game English? Y U HAET RUSSIA?!”
    -Jesus Christ guys, we deleted the question because we already answered.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Poor developers. The biggest problem is that their game is trying to make everyone in every nation they operate in have a bit of their history shown, and make everyone happy with features and updates. but they can’t do EVERYTHING AT ONCE. Sheesh.


  2. “This is Russian server. Did we not have our heroes? Why not remind us about our heroes and battles.. to feel proud about the country, the motherland. Why do you close your eyes on our history?”

    >Implying Russia/Soviet Union had a navy even remotely comparable to the other major WW2 nations to have any naval stories besides in the Baltic.
    >WG posts Russian stories on a pretty regular basis
    >Russian tech tree before RN, French, and Italian navies, which played a much bigger role in WW2.
    >Russian 152mm cruisers get HE and RN gets shafted cause lol balance.

    What’s he complaining about?

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Russians like the one who asked that question are getting dangerously overly patriotic. Something is very wrong with their education system. They’re only taught about Soviet victories but never mention war crimes, purges or famines. Heck, majority of Russians don’t even know who built the Berlin Wall. Russia is breeding with ultranationalism, which is further bolstered by the war in Ukraine.

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  3. Summary: Russian players are an incredibly salty bunch. And as much as there’s obvious Russian bias in the game, they’re still not satisfied and keep attacking the devs.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t like all this nationalism, and those idiots who repeat the same question.. I see why Storm got tired with these in WoT..

    Btw the article format with the vertically separation was more easier to read. ;)


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