WoWS: 0.5.15 Preview


Introducing the new “Campaigns” system! This feature will provide sets of linear missions providing more diverse gameplay. Campaigns will be both educational for novice players and will also allow experienced players to challenge their skills and earn valuable rewards.

  • Campaign consists of a set of linear missions.
  • Each mission includes subtasks and main task that can be achieved in battles:
    • Main task will need to be accomplished in order to complete the current campaign.
    • Each Subtask will award a pin upon completion. These Pins will be required to unlock the final tasks.
    • A task can be completed multiple times and will award you with pins upon every completion.
    • Two tasks (three tasks with Premium Account) may be accepted at a time.
    • Upon completing each task, you will be rewarded with Signal Flags,  consumables, Credits…etc. These rewards can only be received once.
    • After a Campaign is finished, you will be granted with a greater reward.

In the 0.5.15 Public Test, two Campaigns will be available for testing:

  • The Science of Victory – a long Campaign, aimed at helping beginners to master various basic game features such as using various armaments and upgrades, playing ships of different types, leveling up Commanders …etc.
  • Honorable Service – relatively short but challenging Campaign aimed for high Tier ships. This Campaign is aimed to develop personal gameplay skills, improving battle performance, and teamwork.

Don’t forget to leave a feedback after trying out this new game feature.

Dynamic Divisions

The Dynamic Division system is back in action! Divisions tab has been added to the battle loading screen and the battle statistics menu (displayed after pressing the [Tab] key during a battle). You will be able to create a division, invite players to a division, or submit a request to join an existing Division through this tab. You will also be able to use a Division-only voice chat option upon creating a Division.


  • Maps and Locations: Improved the visuals for Saint Petersburg Port and New Dawn and Strait maps
  • Physics Model: Significantly lowered the chance of ships “hopping” out of the water, twitching while ramming and other issues related to destroyed ships.