New Emblems/Inscriptions

Hello everybody,
Please take this with a grain of salt. As I had nothing to compare with, I had to make my memory work and took note of everything that seemed new. So I VERY likely missed a lot of those new emblems / inscriptions and possibly included a handful of old ones in the bunch, although I was cautious.
Finally, I have nothing about Czech, Chinese, Japanese and Sweden because I don’t understand a single caracter or because it belongs to a too new nation for me to really care about by the time.
Be gentle, don’t blame Seb




19 thoughts on “New Emblems/Inscriptions

  1. Accident is for sure in the game, because I plastered it all over my T49.

    Thanks for doing the trouble of making this list though, appreciate it!

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      1. Oh dont you worry – you will see every single modification of it also.
        IAR-80-1 – additional bolt on tail wing
        IAR-80-1R – bolt is made from stainless steel
        IAR-80* – premium
        IAR-80-1U* – bolt removed, replaced with rivet

        Thats how they do it.
        And we give shit about copy paste premiums and tanks in WoT and AW xDDD

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  2. Good majority except a few of the inscriptions have been in the game for some time but most of the emblems have been recently added in some of the new patches


  3. So amazingly awesome that the coat of arms of Norrbottensbrigaden is one of the Swedish emblems. It was located quite close to where I live, and shares the reindeer that is also part of the coat of arms of the municipal where I live.
    I know what I am putting on all my upcoming Swedish tanks..


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