Q&A Compilation – 12th November 2016

Huge thanks to Vlad for translating!

– Will the KV-85 lose it’s 122mm after the introduction of the KV-122 since the gun can one-shot tier 4’s and some tier 5’s, and the tank also has speed and decent armor? – Will stay for now;
– But is this being discussed? – Not really, at least not soon;
– When is a buff for armored teir 10 HT (Maus, E-100, Type 5 HT) planned? – The patch after 9.17, will be an intermediate one;
– Anything about T34? Gun’s shit, maneuverability’s shit; – A tier 9 gun has to be balanced somehow;
– Any numbers on WZ-111 armor change? Especially lower glacis; – Weaker than 112;
– You said in a comparison video between SU-122-44 and E-25 that the SU needs preferential MM, since it’s simply unplayable in tier 9; – SU-122-44 has to be rebalanced completely, but that’s currently impossible;
– Pz IV Schmalturm is a tier 6 MT, but has horrible maneuverability and passability (9,9HP/t), anything in this regard? – Not in this patch;
– Anything about Jagd88? The TD is good, but regarding the buffs of others, could it receive something as well? – I think it lacks a bit speed, we’ll look into it;
– T34 is losing in comparison with T26E5, though they cost the same. It’s hard to make the T34 work – fully aimed in, missed, 13sec reload, getting damaged. Almost always like this; – T34 is more expensive than T26E5 and has a way more powerful gun;
– Will there be any tier 2, 3 changes on Sandbox? – Wait for new matchmaker;
– Could you possibly make a ST-1 ZiS-24? Would be logical, regardless of historical aspects. And maybe buff the SU-100Y, it’s seen across the map and hits only every half a year. – ST-1 will be worked on. SU-100Y is the best in terms of damage on it’s tier;
– What about the T34? No advantages except for alpha and penetration. Horrible stabilization, low maneuverability, low DPM. – It will be buffed if necessary;
– T-34-85M is horribly OP, anything here? – We’re thinking about it;
– Is a buff of profitability for the IS-6 planned? 175mm pen is oftentimes not enough and thus it has to fire gold often, so the farm rate is like a normal tank; – You should use tanks with high penetration for farming;
– A buff of stabilization or aim time for the IS-3 with the M3 would be great, it’s bad currently; – We have a more interesting idea in this regard;
– What’s the point in buffing the profitability of the FV4202 by 10%, if its’ shells are 2.5 times more expensive than oter tier 8 MT premiums? You should change the ammo cost; – It’s technically more difficult to change shell cost than profitability;
– The company policy has changed drastically. Earlier, everybody said that premium tanks cannot be better than normal tanks. Now it’s completely different, premiums are better. Normal tanks are completely forgotten. Conclusion – buy and stomp. No money? Drive the STA-1, you’ll get used to it sometime; – IS-3 is the best HT on tier 8, better than premiums. You can grind it and drive it all you want;
– It seems based on the first reviews that the T26E5 turned out to be too good – decent maneuverability, armor, gun with good pen and cheap rounds and even view range. You could’ve at least nerfed that last one; – You didn’t play it, a HT without alpha is difficult to play;
– How will SU-122-44 armor change after the HD remodel? – Not at all;

Yuri Filipovsky: [TN: dunno who the heck that is, not said in the Q&A either]
– Will there be features (like the Swedish TD one) implemented for other tanks? For example the STB-1. And which tanks have similar capabilities? – This functionality was present in many tanks – FV4401, STB-1, E-10, some American T95 projects. We’re currently implementing this for the Swedes only. We’ll look at others after the players feedback;
– Will it influence precision if I don’t want to enable siege mode? – The precision is really bad in movement mode, the player won’t be able to fire normally. Talking about the tier 9-10, they have their gun fixed in the body so any uneven patch or any keyboard press will negatively impact the ability to fire precisely. The tier 8 has the possibility to aim vertically, which allows to remain in movement mode sometimes;
– During turning, the effects of camo net and binoculars won’t go away, but the camo coefficient will change? – The movement in siege mode is of two kinds: turning to the left and right, and movement forward/backward. Equipment will not deactivate during turning, but will do so during forward/backward movement. The same applies to camo coefficient;
– Will there be a possibility to change the height of the left and right track independently? – Even the current mechanic which uses only one key appears difficult to some players, so no;
– What is the speed limit in siege mode? – Very low – 5km/h;
– The video about the Swedish mechanic shows two tanks driving at the same speed. Will Swedish top tanks have the same movement speed in both directions? If yes, why do the Ferdinand and Tiger P not have this possbility? – The main difference of Swedish vehicles which have high reverse speed is that they theoretically had this possibility by having a compartment at the back where there were duplicates of all steering and driving mechanisms. This would even allow steering the vehicle backwards, thus they have such high backwards speeds. Regarding the other mentioned vehicles, they did not have such a possibiltiy and this was purely theoretical, in practice they did not use their reverse like this;
– Is the speed of entering/exiting siege mode dependent on the crew? If no, will there be a possibility to accelerate the change between modes or is this like the reload of a magazine? – Currently the crew has no impact on the mode change, the process is more mechanical and thus similar ro magazine reloading;
– How effective are the anti-HEAT screens on the front of the top-tier Swede? – After impact on the screen, the shell loses some penetration;
– How will the impact of suspension adjustment be on camouflage? – Not at all;

“Tank aces” stream with Vyacheslav Ushakov and Ulan Toleugaziev:
– What about displaying the Top 10/100/1000 emblem from the “Tank aces” event on the tank? – We’ve discussed this and like the idea, we’ve submitted it to the people responsible for it;
– Will there be someting interesting for New Year? – Yes, being prepared currently;
– The system of tank restoration through support will change, watch the portal for news;
The WG Fest will have many surprises;