Upcoming Premium Tanks & Reviews

Source: Redditor AtomicSheriff

Just got back for Wargaming Gathering Australia, can confirm that starting November 11th for 5 weeks, we will be getting one new premium per week, AFAIK this will be on the premium shop only and will not be ingame. I also got the chance to try out a few of them.

Tier 8 – AMX m4 49. : Not sure if it will be released with or without the Liberte skin, I hope not. My thoughts from the single game I had in it, it’s not as quick as french tanks normally are (mobility is the similar as the T7 HT) the armour is nice on front and the turret is fairly tough, the gun is the same as the AMX 50 100 but single shot howevery it’s rate of fire is crap. I played it with max skill crew + vents (forgot to put food in) and the reload was 8.5 secs.

Tier 7 – Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager : I unfortunately didn’t check it’s camo values but it is quite small so I’m hoping for it to be similar to the borsig. It isn’t very fast with a top speed of 35, it has the same gun as the Tiger 1 and with similar ROF it also has good gun depression.

Tier 8 – KV4 KTTS : I don’t like it. It has one thing that it can do very well which is side scrape around right hand corners, other than that it’s lack of mobility hurts it. Same gun as KV4 with better ROF. Armour is okay.

Tier 7 – T71 CMCD : This one I didn’t get to play much because the game crashed (classic WG tradition) but from what I experienced, its mobility is great, and it has amazing on the move accuracy, reload is under 4s (best loadout) pen of 175 can’t remember the dmg 150 ish? Good gun depression. Not much more to say since it crashed after 1 minute of play :/

Only got to play 4 tanks, I could not find a fifth tank in the garage, it maybe the other french HT but I doubt it, anyone got any idea?

This 5 week special is confirmed for SEA, dunno about the others.


38 thoughts on “Upcoming Premium Tanks & Reviews

    1. if we think about leak dates it should be the Somua SM, a french heavy
      as far as I remember it goes like this:
      Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager>>AMX m4 49>>KV4 KTTS>>T71 CMCD>>Somua SM>>T26E5/Patriot

      I can’t really remember when exactly the AMX M4 was leaked and if the waffen is the one leaked long ago (way before the scorpion) but was never released, the T71 and KV4 were leaked pretty much around the same time


      1. I highly doubt the time of tanks leaked will have any effect on the release date of them. As you said yourself the Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager was leaked before the Skorpion yet the Skorpion was released sooner and WG NA was teasing the T26E5, but never mentioned the Somua SM.


        1. you are forgetting the foundamental difference between another high tier german premium TD and first mid-to-high tier french premium HT

          in terms of market a french premium HT is more interesting since you already have the T34 and T14 for the US, sure the T26E5 was revealed but it’s so recent that it could come only with the update of the swedish tech tree
          on the other hand the AMX M4 was also confirmed but you know that when faced with a choice between a french heavy without auto-loader (AMX M4) and one with (SOMUA SM) they will choose the one that deviates less from the gameplay of the regular vehicles from wich they want to train the crews

          as for the Krupp-Steyr I think the release of the Skorpion reinforces the rumors that it was first thought as a reward of some sort (CW or personnal missions reward)


          1. “…sure the T26E5 was revealed but it’s so recent that it could come only with the update of the swedish tech tree…”

            The only problem with this is that WG NA have already confirmed that they are selling the tank between Nov. 10 – Dec. 5 so WG don’t have to wait for the 9.17 patch just to be able to sell the tank.


  1. phony ass with 232mm pen you will be able to pen both the tiger II and kv4 frontaly at pretty much any spot even if they angle slightly.


      1. As I said, the AMX is a PREMIUM tenk with good frontal armor as well as 232mm pen, which is the second highest out of ALL tier 8 HTs. Premiums should first of all be worse then regular counterparts, the only advantage should be more credits and XP. Powercreep is what fucks this game up, specialy when WG introduce premiums what are as good or better than regular tier 8 tanks.


  2. The Krupp Steyr waffle has quite decent looks. Nice gun but it has paper armor and an open top turret as the downsides, which means you can’t install vents. Are there also any plans to introduce the Ardelt Waffentrager? (the one in Kubinka tank museum)


  3. No, I have just confirmed with Tanitha he assured me this article is incorrect. WG has no plan to sell the T71CMDC, Kv4 KTTS and Krupp Styer Waffentrager anytime soon.

    Yes tank per week is real but not the 3 tanks mentioned above. So it will be M4 49 and T26e5 then 3 other tank for sale.

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    1. Earlier in one of the Q&As Storm or Murazor said that they will sell a new interesting German TD soon. Either the E10 which was in development hell for like 2 years now or the Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger. Since there is almost no info about the E10 and they modified some stats on the other I guess they meant the Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger.

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  4. Some of these tanks could be tested on other events WG had around the year, didn’t mean they were going to come out straight away. Patriot and Liberté have been announced, the rest… just malarkey. Like the article is a copy paste of Reddit. At least give credit to the original post ;)


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