Upcoming Premium Tanks & Reviews

Source: Redditor AtomicSheriff

Just got back for Wargaming Gathering Australia, can confirm that starting November 11th for 5 weeks, we will be getting one new premium per week, AFAIK this will be on the premium shop only and will not be ingame. I also got the chance to try out a few of them.
Tier 8 – AMX m4 49. : Not sure if it will be released with or without the Liberte skin, I hope not. My thoughts from the single game I had in it, it’s not as quick as french tanks normally are (mobility is the similar as the T7 HT) the armour is nice on front and the turret is fairly tough, the gun is the same as the AMX 50 100 but single shot howevery it’s rate of fire is crap. I played it with max skill crew + vents (forgot to put food in) and the reload was 8.5 secs.
Tier 7 – Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager : I unfortunately didn’t check it’s camo values but it is quite small so I’m hoping for it to be similar to the borsig. It isn’t very fast with a top speed of 35, it has the same gun as the Tiger 1 and with similar ROF it also has good gun depression.
Tier 8 – KV4 KTTS : I don’t like it. It has one thing that it can do very well which is side scrape around right hand corners, other than that it’s lack of mobility hurts it. Same gun as KV4 with better ROF. Armour is okay.
Tier 7 – T71 CMCD : This one I didn’t get to play much because the game crashed (classic WG tradition) but from what I experienced, its mobility is great, and it has amazing on the move accuracy, reload is under 4s (best loadout) pen of 175 can’t remember the dmg 150 ish? Good gun depression. Not much more to say since it crashed after 1 minute of play :/
Only got to play 4 tanks, I could not find a fifth tank in the garage, it maybe the other french HT but I doubt it, anyone got any idea?
This 5 week special is confirmed for SEA, dunno about the others.