Supertest: Pilsen Map Variants

New variants of the known map are being tested. Map size will be 1000 x 1000. Which one do you like most?


– Variant with a bridge (114_czech_new): has two levels for battle: low ground with the river and bridge splits the open part of the map;


– Variant with railroad (114_czech_new2): more similar to the originally tested map;

– Variant with a river (114_czech_new3): most diverse and variable variant of the map


13 thoughts on “Supertest: Pilsen Map Variants

  1. step 1: remove that retarded thing in the middle…
    good, now we have a lot of free space for people to move.

    step2: make it really hard for those at city to shoot those in the open
    step 3: make it easy for those at the open to shoot shose trying to get out of city
    step 4: add tons of diagonal shots, and a few long range shots like severogorsk (first version)
    step 5: profit

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  2. Map new2 looks, in 2d, the best in my opinion. But I am worried that the height differences and slope gradients of the hills, depicted by number 1, will be too extreme and be impassable terrain. We know how much the WG map team loves to make impassable terrain features so…we have to see.
    Also if they’d add a dip in the ground where the 3 arrows end, the open area will still be somewhat passable and not become an instant deathtrap.


  3. The second one has a big dead empty space in the middle and no room and bushes for LTs. Looks a bit like Overlord 2.0 with those bushridges. First one suffers from the overlord syndrome as well but at least it has some area that _could_ be good for LTs with the bushes that are not on the ridgeline. Third one is the most interesting in my opinion with that elevated bit on the very right side (5). I can see Lights running there in the early game, brawling it out and getting spots from the bushes up there on the tankdestroyers behind (2). Definetly the most intersting in my eyes with probably the most crossfire and spotting options


    1. I have to add that I don’t like the high symmetry of all the newer maps (not only the Pilsen variants). Asymmetry adds alot to maps. If a map plays very different from one spawn than the other there is much more variaty in the MM.


      1. Asymmetry creates balance issues aswell. Maps like Ruinberg field, Himmelsdorf hill, Highway field, the small town on Swamp are all imbalanced, and does not create variety, quite the opposite, because it leaves you with less options.


  4. Neither because every variant has stupid bushes in corners of the map where single TD shuts a whole lane.
    Disregarding them, 1 and 2 are way too open in that “bowl” area (with 1 having a water section, making crossing even slower…). 3 looks OK-ish but again, stupid water….


  5. I just want bigger and more unpredictable maps. Enlarge the Pilsen and add more paths.
    Current version isn’t bad imo, it’s just too small and that middle could use some debris so you could use that square.

    I want maps like Murovanka where i can use the whole map and i can and there are no corridors that you couldn’t flank… you can always move around on that map.


  6. TDs and tanks that “snipe” dont work and never really did for dynamic gameplay. What purpose is there to push if you get spotted and sniped as soon as you move? It is not fun.

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