New Clan Wars Campaign Controversy (Spanish Civil War)

Thanks to Vlad for translating.


Wargaming announced the launch of a fifth Global Map campaign for clan players. The grand name “Steel Corrida” is connected to the Spanish civil war starting on 18th July 1936. We won’t pay attention to the prizes and such, but to the weird historical connection.

“According to a legend, the code phrase “Over all of Spain, the sky is clear!”, which sounded over one of the radio stations, was the signal for revolutionary troops, led by Francisco Franco, to take action against the Second Spanish Republic. This date became a starting point for the dramatic events which shook up Spain for the next decades.”

The tier 6 stage is named “Over all of Spain, the sky is clear!“. This phrase was used by future dictator and Mussolini supporter Francisco Franco in his mutiny on Spanish soil. Again, just to emphasize: a supporter of Mussolini and Hitler starts a war in Spain and this is the slogan Wargaming chose for the first stage of the new campaign. In a game which is played by children and grandchildren which fought against fascism. In a game which is played by the descendants of those who were sent by the Soviet government to die for another country. But let’s continue.

“The civil war in Spain wasn’t left unnoticed by other European countries, which participated politically and military-wise during the conflict.”

It seems that this phrase was intended for the European and American server and was just translated for the Russian server without trying to unravel its sense. Tens of thousands of Soviet volunteers left off for Spain to fight with the Republicans against Fascism. Hundreds of thousands of civilians suffered and lost their lives or their relatives in this war (Seb: both Soviets and Italy/Germany used this civil war to test out their new weapons. The Republican side had strong Communist influence too – in the form of CNT FAI, which exists even today).

The phrase of the second stage – “No pasaran” (“They will not pass”), is a synonym for the phrase “Fascism will not pass”, which the people died for fighting for freedom – freedom from fascism.

The phrase of the third stage is “We passed!“. Who passed? The fascists? Franco? The people who shot children and elders, who raped women? Who isolated Spain from the outside world? Strange logic. Especially if you take in account the measures Wargaming took regarding the clan MERCY, who staged a strange performance on the 9th May. [TN: They placed their tanks on the map looking like a swastika and got banned for that]

No comments were made by representatives yet, but players are eagerly awaiting explanations. The people have a right to know why the historical reference to the event is so illogical and why it causes rejection.


70 thoughts on “New Clan Wars Campaign Controversy (Spanish Civil War)

        1. After reading this article one might think that The Spanish Civil War was an ultimate struggle between “good, pure-hearted” republicans (supported by even “more good” stalinists and anarchists) and the “they can be only bad”, “fascist” rebels. As like with other wars, the truth lies somewhere in between and someone who tries to show such complicated (politically, socially and morally) conflict only in black-white dichotomy is either uneducated in this topic or has some political agenda.


        2. You are a brainwashed moron, misled by the victors of war, who begat a “history” that suits them. WW2 wasn’t fought against facism, you brainwashed idiot. WW2 was about fighting against the invisible zionist empire that controls most of the world.


      1. “Because anything you say can be taken the wrong way by someone.”

        That’s why we should altogether stop caring about what we say, since it can get bad anytime, anyhow.

        BTW, all this controversy bullcrap is too irrelevant in the first place to even give a dime IMHO.

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      1. actually franco proposed hitler to help him, and he even sent the “division azul” to fight the ruskis.

        but he asked for most part of france, portugal, and morocco’s (all sahara was spanish back then), so hitler refused that poor, and weak equiped help.

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  1. Who cares?
    No one cared when WG made the marathon with German tank as the prize starting from 1st September and then another starting after it on 17th September with Soviet tank as the prize (respective days of 1939 attack on Poland by Germany (1st) and by Soviet Union (17th)).
    So I don’t see the problem here.

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  2. you talk about franco’s troops doing all kind of things… well, troops wouldn’t rape or they’d be execcuted… other thing is once the dictatorship wass stable there were all kind of atrocities vs “rojos” (comunists, anarchists, socialists, masons, etc) that stayed in the country.

    curious thing u dont talk about all the churchs burned while there people still inside by the “republicans”, or about all the common pits made by both sides;or how the”legitimate” republican goverment was actually there only because most of the votes in those elections were “lost”/burned/ignored… only the votes of a few big citys were counted

    there is no good side in that war, but one thing is for sure, franco wasnt as bad as many people think, and republicans werent saints.

    an example, when franco’s army got to barcelona, most part of the “resistance” were already dead… the anarchists and comunists killed each other and blamed those deaths to franco’s side

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    1. Oh my! someone that actually knows some history.
      Imo the communist were far worse in the civil war, both sides did horrible things but you can’t deny the war crimes of the “resistance”


  3. It cares to my. I’am of Spain, my family fought against fascist during the Spanish Civil War and even during the dictarorship in the guerrilla (maquis). My family was separated for years, not only for the guerrilla, for the constant fear of the Guardia Civil, the Army, the Falange or even a priest came to my great grandfathers’ house and, killed my great grandfather or even the whole family, took him and make it dissapeared or took him to the prision and make him dissapeared too. I am not going to play this campaing, because I think is disgusting to use simbols of the francoist propagando to make publicity of this event. And I does not affect to only one person, I have to admit that the spanish community is (in her majority) of extreme right or even neo-nazi, but there are lots of pepole (like me) that we don’t think like that, there are clans like Brigadas Internacionales, La Nueve (yes, in honor who the republicans who liberated París), EPR, etc, that protect the memory of this brave soldiers forgotten from the history.

    I think you are some kind of newcomers in this game, and I gonna think, thant you don’t know that: A few years ago, the WG Staff, makes a special discount weekend for the commander Kliment Voroshílov, and the Polish Community protest for this reason (I don’t know why exactly, I think is something relationated with the Soviet campaing in Poland in 1939) and the WG Staff eliminated this event. Like you can see, It could worry to not much persons but, they eliminated this event, and It no longer we used this name in WoT.

    Finishing, I see some coments about the Spanish Republica, Well, the only thing that I can recomend to you is to take the book “The Spanish Civil War” of Anthony Beevor (best historian of SCW) and reed It, and, please, stop reading the bullshit of Pio Moa about the SCW and other bullshit (even bigger than Pio Moa) that you can find in the internet.

    Thanks for your time, here finish my protest. Yours sincerely,


    PS: The Third Stage In Spanish (Tier X): is called A mi la Legion. La Legion is one special infantry unit in the Spanish Army that support Franco unconditionally and make the most barbaric crimes of the war. Sorry for my bad english

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    1. “I have to admit that the spanish community is (in her majority) of extreme right or even neo-nazi”

      No se de donde sacas eso, llevo en este juego desde la beta rodando por muchos clanes y conociendo un montón de gente. Soy catalán y he estado en Zen69, LaNueve, Terve, Pixel etc y te digo que a la mayoría de gente le suda bastante la política.


      1. Nah, just making a point here he says his last “copy paste” was 6 months ago, and still goes round copy and pasting everything and people actually give him credit for that lol


          1. Then make it clear that this is NOT your opinion, that is a TRANSLATED article from a source… So people don’t think you translated something and added your opinion in there… Because at the moment you only had “Thanks for translating” and a literal copy and paste … Loads of comments were made thinking this was your opinion, when its in fact SOMEONE ELSE opinion posted on their blog… And funny enough the “site” you got it from, they posted their source… Funny how you didn’t. Afraid others get your all known sources? LOL


              1. You know IP’s can be faked right? LOLOL And funny how you are sharing someone personal details, that can be liable in court did you know? :D Disclosing informations that is private :)


              2. I would appreciate you removing my personal details in there, as that is my PRIVATE email address, and its an offense to disclosure it without my permission. On the rest, I laughed at the fact someone is trolling you and you actually think its me… An IP is easy to fake, specially with VPN’s…


                  1. I got your IP and previous ones on the comments you leave in my blog, no need to send it to me. Again, I have nothing to do with troll accounts, only reason I came here was because you ARE sharing private information and I would like, again, that to be removed.


                    1. I have, a long time ago… Because I don’t need to deal with a narcissistic person… Again, you are being trolled, by a very good one to be honest, and I’m being dragged into this… And one more thing: stop commenting my blog too, your comments won’t be approved, but they are there ;)


              1. At the time of that post, my only source was her and she didn’t give me any way of contacting you regarding this. As you are the author, I will gladly delete the post without any problems. ;)


      1. consider it done…the blog has just went to shit over the past 6months or so with you trying to put your own personal slant on so many stolen articles….at least when you can be bothered to do anything but steal them from elsewhere.. moving on to get my WoT info from elsewhere.

        I wish you luck with your 2nd rate blog. You’ll need it.


            1. Let’s call someone who blogged for you a “Traitor” lelel! I’ll let him know that, maybe he can say something xD


                1. Why traitor? LEL! “Little child, he betray me so I call him traitor…” You can get peoples IP’s… Not magic ;) But it’s funny how I managed to trigger that when I used his IP :D I knew it would make you happy :D And it is an offense to share a personal email… ;)


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