New Clan Wars Campaign Controversy (Spanish Civil War)

Thanks to Vlad for translating.
Wargaming announced the launch of a fifth Global Map campaign for clan players. The grand name “Steel Corrida” is connected to the Spanish civil war starting on 18th July 1936. We won’t pay attention to the prizes and such, but to the weird historical connection.
“According to a legend, the code phrase “Over all of Spain, the sky is clear!”, which sounded over one of the radio stations, was the signal for revolutionary troops, led by Francisco Franco, to take action against the Second Spanish Republic. This date became a starting point for the dramatic events which shook up Spain for the next decades.”
The tier 6 stage is named “Over all of Spain, the sky is clear!“. This phrase was used by future dictator and Mussolini supporter Francisco Franco in his mutiny on Spanish soil. Again, just to emphasize: a supporter of Mussolini and Hitler starts a war in Spain and this is the slogan Wargaming chose for the first stage of the new campaign. In a game which is played by children and grandchildren which fought against fascism. In a game which is played by the descendants of those who were sent by the Soviet government to die for another country. But let’s continue.
“The civil war in Spain wasn’t left unnoticed by other European countries, which participated politically and military-wise during the conflict.”
It seems that this phrase was intended for the European and American server and was just translated for the Russian server without trying to unravel its sense. Tens of thousands of Soviet volunteers left off for Spain to fight with the Republicans against Fascism. Hundreds of thousands of civilians suffered and lost their lives or their relatives in this war (Seb: both Soviets and Italy/Germany used this civil war to test out their new weapons. The Republican side had strong Communist influence too – in the form of CNT FAI, which exists even today).
The phrase of the second stage – “No pasaran” (“They will not pass”), is a synonym for the phrase “Fascism will not pass”, which the people died for fighting for freedom – freedom from fascism.
The phrase of the third stage is “We passed!“. Who passed? The fascists? Franco? The people who shot children and elders, who raped women? Who isolated Spain from the outside world? Strange logic. Especially if you take in account the measures Wargaming took regarding the clan MERCY, who staged a strange performance on the 9th May. [TN: They placed their tanks on the map looking like a swastika and got banned for that]
No comments were made by representatives yet, but players are eagerly awaiting explanations. The people have a right to know why the historical reference to the event is so illogical and why it causes rejection.