T26E5 Patriot – arrived in the game files

With the last mini-patch, the „T26E5 P” is now in the game files.

Final stats:

Tier: 8 (Heavy)
HP: 1500
Engine: 704 hp
Mass: 46,402 t
Power-to-weight: 15,17 hp / t
Max speed: 40,2 / -15 km / h
Hull turning speed: 30 °/s
Turret turning speed: 26,1 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,342 / 2,589
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 776,9 m

Hull armor: 152,4 / 76,2 / 50,8 mm
Turret armor: 190,5 / 101,6 / 127 mm

Gun: 90mm Gun T7E1

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 320
Penetration: 230 / 259 / 45 mm
Rate Of Fire: 8,69 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2085,7
Reload time: 6,904 s
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20


23 thoughts on “T26E5 Patriot – arrived in the game files

  1. Yah, even as an “Murican, not sure I dig the over-the-top Patriot skin — seems more at home on the console version and not the “serious” PC version of world of tanks.

    Still, stats look good?

    So, now, we have a “medium” tank (SP) that is slow, but good armor and a “heavy” tank (Patriot) that is fast and good armor?

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  2. I’m gonna buy it. I need an American heavy crewtrainer and I don’t like the T34. Hulldown tanks/ridgeline warriors are my playstyle.

    The camo should be optional though, like it should be optional on all the premium skin tanks.


    1. I don’t buy premium tanks in general (well except a Churchill III from gold I already had). The skin is overdone – they could make a different one that was simpler and less flashy, I am sure it would have been a lot better.


      1. Agree.
        But hey.. Rollin’ with your clan and typing “LET’S MAKE MURICA GREAT AGAIN! FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM!” tho the opposite clan must be priceless. :P


      2. Could also been a lot worse, at least they didn’t max the saturation on the colors, so it won’t stand out too much… but i’ll still call it the “T26E5 Parrot” :D

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  3. If it’s coming out for Veterans Day then I guess it could be somewhat acceptable for the skin but I would rather not have the skin, at least it’s for a good holiday and not for some random BS.

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  4. Matchmaker will be broken like before. (For some sundays). Stupid tank, with stupid camo for stupid humanoids without any…

    You know what? Just buy that tank, maybe i laugh on you when i kill you.


    1. Maybe I’ll laugh when I kill you, the tank is literally the IS-6 (stat padding tank) like when the mutz came out (another stat padding tank). Don’t take advantage of a American tank that actually seems good for once, although I would rather enjoy it without camo to a extent I better be able to get a second one without camo.


  5. Just don’t forget that it has 230mm penne with standard. What is the point of U.K tanks? I cant wait to see global rebalance… and when U.K tanks will underperform, i will be done with this stupid game for ever. Writing about Caernavron, Churchils, Black Prince, Centurion tanks some slow stuid ATs like CGC or just AT. Or tortoise, its cool to have biggest DPM but, i cant use it because of armour. Even HP has now nazi jgtgr (9td) more.


  6. They really should stop making tanks with silly skins like this (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the American flag, but on a tank it just looks retarded)

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  7. Hmm, lets compare it with FV 4202(P):
    – better armour
    – better gun ( reload, pen, aim tim, disspersion )
    – better mobility ( faster )
    Result: FV – Medium T26E5 Heavy.

    You silly WG :)


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