WoWS: [Maintenance] Version (ASIA)

Please be informed that the World of Warships server will undergo brief maintenance to implement Version

Maintenance Start: 27/10/2016 @ 06:00 UTC+8
Maintenance End: 27/10/2016 @ 08:00 UTC+8

Please view the patch notes below for further information.

Patch Notes

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed an error that prevented players from transferring commanders onto an “empty” ship (without a commander) when Reserves were full.
  • Fixed a bug for Gneisenau that obstructed torpedo sight and cone when the ship was on fire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships armed with single-fire tube torpedo launchers to display a manual reload button when reloading was not possible.
  • Fixed a bug that caused friendly battleships to appear on the enemy base at the beginning of Ranked Battles.

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