„ODevices” Mod – Possible Cheat?

Around 3 weeks ago, the mod named ODevices was born. It shows installed equipment on allied and enemy tanks (or the lack of it). The mod was not officially banned yet, but WG does not recommend adding it to the client. The mod’s advantages are unique. What do you think about it?


28 thoughts on “„ODevices” Mod – Possible Cheat?

  1. we had a clanmate that used something similar ( or the same, dont know) months ago…. until we asked how the fuck did he know that those tanks we using binos instead of optics… and he told us about the cheat…

    a bit after that, he stopped being our clan mate :)

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    1. wg EU does… nothing
      wg rus … drink, and get strippers on mediterranean islands with EU money
      wg asia… no idea
      wg america… get awesome offers but cant find many players


      1. although there’s no confirm proof, but wg asia let the vietnamese run around with aimbot. (In the past there was a standalone VN server which works like the CN server, but it got combine into the ASIA server which cause more toxicity)


  2. ok seb heres my feed back

    1. WG isn’t banning it yet because they don’t know how to block it or stop it.
    and as such they don’t want people running around accusing everyone while screaming that WG can’t control their own game

    this is what they did in WoWS.

    and 2. eh……………….its not that useful. generally everyone uses the same set up. aka vertical stablizer, gun rammer, vents.

    with the occasional switch if you don’t have access to vert or rammer.

    so tank set ups are pretty predictable. and at most are a way to “spot noobs” who use other.
    and even if they don’t have the equipment, the difference in performance isn’t that drastic.

    so its a cheat yes, but its one i’m not gonna lose sleep on cause (as super_noodle has said over and over in his unicum guides)
    its the same equipment set up on all tanks cause they the only ones of actual value.

    variety is non existent in WoT. hell just look at the guns on tanks for proof of that. how many have more than 1 useful gun…….not many

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    1. I agree with you on all points, save the one where you state everyone uses rammer, vert stabs and vents. It is the standard trustworthy loadout yes, but optics tend to be much more rewarding on tanks with decent/good mobility and decent/good viewrange.


        1. Are you joking?!

          The cromwell is only playable with spall liner, torsion bars and gld. The derp being the only good gun of course.


  3. I’m rather suprised this sort of information is even sent to clients. I don’t see any reason to do that – anything related happens server-side anyways. (So as long as WG cares, it should be easy to block.)

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  4. looking at it this seem like a small advantage but seeing the equipment of a tank gives you a lot more information than youd think. it allows you to gauge the player your facing more accurately so you can look at a tank and roughly guess the crew level from it. people who are running more expensive equipment are far more likely to be running op crews and those running around with no equipment probably new players are going too get singled out and wrecked.

    think about it if you see someone at long range with no equipment at all then you can likely assume that they dont even have a 100% crew yet so that reduces their view range even further than and combining that with no equipment then their tanks are extremely short sighted which is a clear advantage to people using the mod. also being able to tell if someones using binocs or optics lets you know whether or not you can fire your gun or not at them without being spotted back (and lets you decide whether or not its worth trying to track them because if you track them their binocs could activate and spot you because of that). that could be a humungous advantage on some maps and the right situations. honestly this needs to be banned immediately because an experienced player could gain a gigantic advantage with a mod like this. thats not even taking in to account that if your in an identical tank to another person and you see theyve no equipment then you can exploit the crap out of that because youll be able to snap shot more reliably and more importantly you will out perform them in reload. this needs to be stopped now before people realise the potential uses of it.

    also why is this information being sent to clients? was this a planned crew skill that was never added or something? its kinda odd that other players are being sent that info.

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  5. Well we have seen mods like this before. As in mods that finds a hidden string of server to client data and exploits it. Question is, do our client need this info to work? I suspect it don’t. Thus I suspect like many mods before it. WG might just turn that data traffic off to render this mod useless. Though I would not find that mod that valuable for randoms in general. Sure you can see if he have vents and rammers to get more dpm then you or the same, but that mod don’t take into account crew skills or food, so it’s a thin safety net in most cases.


    1. Yes, it’s pretty unfair against vanilla players, because they don’t get those information and people should get banned.

      But: What advantages do you get through those information? Rammer, Vents, GLD are not very usefull. Many people mount this and you won’t base your gameplay on the information that the enemy is reloading 0.5sec faster than without a rammer (just an example).
      And no one even cares if the enemy is using a toolbox or some shit like that.

      The only important question that this mod answers is: Is my opponent using optics or binos?
      Especially if he is moving. So you can calculate, if he’s going to spot you after firing or not. That’s it.


  6. They have to do something about this mods.
    Knowing that there are players with aimbots, no vegetation, arty markers, destroyed objects, reload times, gun lasers and this mod running around… whole point of player skill becomes redundant because they don’t have to predict and observe the battle… they just have to press wsad and you are dead.
    If they can’t fix this using “find and ban” method then disabling mods is the way and i prefer that over fancy tank icons and crosshairs


  7. This is chocking, RIP WIN8… As long as WG dont stop cheats like this, skill lvl of players is just BS. They need to perma ban cheaters and make it impossible to use mods.


  8. I’m not sure this is such a new thing. I had a guy telling me about a year and a half ago (I think) that I was an idiot for using a camo net on my kv2. He had a point but hey, I’m cheap.


        1. I thought you were pointing at somebody able to breech into the actual servers.

          These are things available from their data feeds that has had to be designed to be sent.

          While that may not be the best design and likely done in expectation of something never implemented (some potential skill or visual addon?) it’s not necessary a lousy programing.

          I’m always split between what’s not forbidden is allowed and everybody should run vanilla approaches. People are expected to learn armor from somewhere alo, so is that cheating?


            1. 99% of info that mods provide is not of much use and distracts you from playing correctly. Only mod that provides big enough advantage is the object destruction mod.

              XVM for example IMO only clouds your judgement – just because someone is yellow doesn’t mean he can’t hit and pen you, there are also people with rapid improvents etc.
              Reload timers can bite you in the ass if someone uses Cola and has BIA etc.

              I am not supporting cheats or mods in general apart from maybe skins, but they don’t really provide some sort of big advantage, and you won’t become a unicum just by “firing full gold and using cheats”.


  9. Personaly, I’m much more concerned about the black sky, because it allows you to aim blindshots much better on high distances.
    You simply see where the terrain ends and the sky starts. Not like those blurry schemes in the vanilla client.


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