Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Available on EU

Tank, slot and 30500 Gold: 99.99 €. 6 days left.



12 thoughts on “Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Available on EU

  1. Gah goddamit, they are selling it again, FFS!
    How can I sealclub in peace if I have to compete with other Pay2Winwagen II Js?
    Making 9 kills and saving the entire freakin’ battle (killing the last 4 enemies on 2 HP) isn’t possible if you have competition, goddamit…

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  2. I got myself a deal like this a way way back. Basically I needed gold, and apart from the best exchange rate I got this tank on top of it. I would be getting the gold anyway, maybe in smaller chunks, over longer time, but would get there anyway, so I thought why not. A fair deal.

    As to the tank itself, it’s actually pretty meh. It can troll some newbies, yes, but as soon as there are any TD’s in the enemy team it’s just as easy to kill as any other tank. Also, it’s pen, even with APCR, is so low that there are many tanks out there that you simply can not kill, regardless where you will shoot them. And there are many that will need you to spam gold ammo full time. I’ve had some action packed battles that I had to pay for with like 40-50k credits, and that’s on premium account. You will get bored soon anyway, if you won’t run out of credits first, that is. Pay to win? Maybe. But with the few battles you will play in it it won’t make any difference whatsoever, except you won’t be thinking about this tank the way you did. Overhyped. That’s what you will think.


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