VK 72.01 (K) Supertest Armor Changes

1st pic: 9.16, 2nd: Supertest


9 thoughts on “VK 72.01 (K) Supertest Armor Changes

  1. I’m always lost trying to understand armour changes only going by the colours on the tank model, especially when the same thickness has different colour on each version.

    Anyone up for summing up for summing the changes up?


    1. Basically, the armor becomes thicker on some places (redder parts on the ST pictures) but remains about the same everywhere else. Armor collision model shape slightly modified on the front, now including a ‘flat’ ribbon between the upper and lower frontal plate.

      Correct me if I’m wrong in any of these.


      1. As far as the “ribbon” goes, it’s always been there. So I guess it just got thicker, and now it stands out with it’s darker shade of red colour.

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        1. The band is now 300 and from the 2nd pic it looks like the new max is 300 so I guess they changed the band to 300. No more frontal weakspot if LFP is hidden.

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  2. I want to love my Fail, and am so happy it finally got a aimtime buff. TBH it was worse than e100 on everything. It has less HP, less armor longer reload, and small amount of ammo so it should have gotten excellent gun handling, but nope it was worse.
    It is fast though.
    I still made this thing a awesome side scraper, but now it will be excellent at scraping.


    1. It’s not too good at sidescraping, actually, due to the round hull at the base of the turret, which is about 170mm effective. But now, with the flat armour in front increased to 300mm (going by what others commented on the thickness changes) you will be able to bait some shots by driving out of the cover at an angle.


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