Supertest: AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté

Since Seb is currently experiencing technical difficulties with his PC, I’ll be filling in for him.

It is essentially similar if not the same as the regular AMX M4 mle. 49 (stats seems to have been a victim of Serb’s nerf hammer). It comes with a camouflage that we have seen on the console version of WoT for the FCM 50 t. It will most likely be scheduled for patch 9.16.

French heavy tank, originally known as “Project 141”. Development promptly began after World War II ended, as France lacked modern heavy tanks. Only existed in blueprints.

Tier 8 French premium heavy tank
Health points: 1350
Engine: 1000 hp
Weight: 70 tons
Power-to-weight: 14.29 hp/t
Maximum speed 40/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 25
Turret traverse: 29.2
Terrain resistance: 1,534/1,726/2,397
View tange: 360 meters
Radio range: 782.1 meters
Hull armor: 180/40 /?
Turret armor: 250/120 /?

Gun: 100mm SA47
Damage 300/300/400
Penetration 232/263/50
Rate of fire: 5.214
Damage per minute: 1564.3
Reload time: 11.507 seconds
Accuracy: 0.345
Aiming time: 2.78 seconds
Depression/Elevation: -10/+20

Armor model

Visual model

In-game screenshots


36 thoughts on “Supertest: AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberté

    1. In my opinion, it’s not.

      The hull armor isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, gun has terrible stats, view range is garbage, and some other stuff is terrible

      Some other stuff is decent such as the traverse, mobility, and the frontal turret armor seems nice.

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      1. The mobility is kinda a lie. Yes it has good hp/t but soft stats are pretty bad, like an IS-7 for example. In the end mobility will be probably similar to Caernarvon, maybe even slightly worse, and the traverse is tricky too – I don’t want to go to many details but tanks where you can’t uprade engine (tier 10’s/premium tanks) always turn slower than tanks that can upgrade engine and have the same traverse on paper.

        What you get is fairly slow tank with armor really only good only frontally and useful vs lower tiers (you can’t even angle it) with horrible gun and no viewrange. Only good thing is decent turret combine with depression but with that cupola on top plus meh gun handling (meaning you can’t snap shots and reduce exposure) you are going to get penned into the turret anyway.

        Looks worse than KV-4 Kreslavsky really.

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        1. totally agree with you. This tank is not so good. I have one. I am playing often vs tier 9-10 and i am often penetrated also by tier 8 like T34.


  1. This isn’t the M4 we knew… Just take a look at the HUGE nerfs to the reload and aim time, along with the health and reverse speed changes. Why this thing fires almost 2.5 rounds per-minute fewer than it used to makes absolutely no sense to me, as it wasn’t OP before, and gives this thing even lower DPM than the T34, lol. Seems to have gone from being a reasonably-good tier 8 premium to an abysmal machine.

    Really hoping this thing’s stats get changed back, or at least buffed to be closer to how it was before… and removing the paint scheme would be nice, but I’m guessing that won’t happen.

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  2. wait how did the dunkerque get in to wot?

    but seriously

    the dpm aim time and other stats kind of suck on this thing BUT i still think this will be a more competitive tier 8 prem than the lowe for one important reason. it will actually be able to move and it probably has better armour overall ironic considering the lowe is 20 tons heavier has 200 less engine power has trash front amour which tier 6s can pen easily has 100mm side armour but it so awkward to use because of where the turret is (its always frustrated me that a tank thats supposed to be a super heavy its 90 tons has no worthwhile armour is as slow as a super heavy and has a gun that takes an ice age to load and has crap alpha for the length of the reload it has at least if it has a 128 it would be less shitty because itd actually have some alpha and it would make sense considering the higher tiers of german hts right now its the worst of the 2 types of german ht its huge and slow and slow firing like the tier 9s and 10s but also gets the crap armour of the the tier 5-7 german hts and the terrible aim times with none of the dpm). the lowe is still a steaming pile of shit. this thing id say is definitely better. although the top speed seems lower than i remember it being i thought it was like 48 or 50.

    also i typically dont give a crap about gun depression im experienced enough in the game to know everywhere a tank can and cant go hull down but on this i can see it being pretty handy.


  3. Did they seriously pull a Skorpion on this one too?
    And made it flag colored?…

    Man, I’m not buddies with the frogs, but this is just low, even from WG.
    Considering the stats and the nerf that gave them to it, I think something is going on with the WG leadership again.
    On one hand I hear news of the best updates, patches with game changing content. On the other, they are brining back the crappy premiums, milking specific groups of people.
    What the hell is going on?!


  4. I like the skin. It’s silly but I can see a french patriot not having any fucks to give if it offends ya.

    That out of the way. the gun is not great from hard stats but there may be a hidden balance
    Slow(er than many) aim time. But not by much. its overall accuracy is such that it wont take THAT long to get fully aimed in.
    For all we know its “lack” of dispersion on the move/during traverse/after firing may let this vehicle surprise us with some MLG snap shots (within a certain range) with ammo that seems like it traded off some alpha for no real problems penning tier 8-9 without gold spam. So Beau Coup Silver and XP, mais non?

    And when the hell did .345 become BAD accuracy at tier 8?
    For a heavy no less. No back lane sniping sure…
    But this isn’t some German wonder-weapon TD.

    What is up with that mobility though?
    14 hp.ton is kinda not terrible for a heavy. But dat terrain resistance just wrecks that.
    It can pass a tiger2 on the road but that’s about it.

    For the love of God i can not find where the 70 tons of tank are in this thing.
    That turret face is great. (good thing because it will get shot at much)
    And the hull armor isnt perfect but peeking a ridge line should make most of it almost auto bounce territory.
    And peeking around a corner (on the right to hide cupola) seems doable in the same way a TigerP can make good left turns.
    And falling off a cliff for ram kills will be fun.

    But the sides and rear and roof.. dont have enough to prevent an overmatch on any gun with 120+mm so no side scraping. All on wide tracks. One good arty hit and its toast. And thats fine too.
    it a premium.
    Noobs gotta learn sometime to duck and cover …

    The armor is nearly nonexistent and useless unless peeking a ridge or corner or peeking over a big rock or even Facing the enemy directly if all else fails.
    And i can work with that …but

    Where is the 70 tons of tank? Not in its tier 7 heavy Hit Point pool …
    An AMX 1390 could run up behind it and delete this tank with one clip of HE unless its tracks eat a shot or two.

    But this is supertest. they can still change things. (hope springs eternal..)

    probably creeping up the ground resistance until it has almost medium like acceleration. Its current top speed should keep that from getting too Overpwered.
    This will work well in urban environments and other places that it can hide its side and rear…

    But out in the open and even teir 6 medium flankers will have a field day with this tank.

    Better mobility would be worth taking another hit in the gun performance department if necessary. (dispersion on the move)

    Oh and maybe 50 more Hit points would be nice too.


  5. Wow, the nerf is strong in this one. What the hell happened to it? Well yeah it was a very well balanced tank (played it on some event). It wasn’t super strong or anything but now it’s just terrible


  6. 1600 DPM, are they retarded? We’ve been saying on the forums tanks like the Lowe and T34 with their 1600 DPM need to be brought back in line with the newer T8 premium heavy tanks that all have 2000 DPM.
    And then here they are, releasing yet *another* tank that has uncompetitive DPM…..

    Someone please take away control of these in interns doing the tank balancing because it’s pathetic.


  7. I am a tank collector I have over 300 tanks on my EU server and I was hoping this would be a good tank, I will not be buying this piece of shit. This tank and camo is just crap as said above it a waste of space just like the 59-patton

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