8 thoughts on “Pictures from the South Korean War Museum, Seoul

  1. I think the tank in the 15th page is Type 63.

    And why the Type 59 is not translate as “59식” and uses “T-59” instead, it’s somewhat misleading as it’s not purely soviet.
    (If the same translation method applies to the Japanese MBTs shitstorm will be everywhere; Type 10=>T-10, Type 90=>T-90 :p

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      1. Hey! I’m the guy that posted the pictures, I was so suprised to see them on here but I love it! I have been reading this every once in a while and it sucks that I cannot play WoT here. WoT SEA is deserted so I guess I have to wait until my exchange here is over.

        The pictures were made by my mobile phone (OnePlus 20) so I am glad you like them!

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