WoWS: Economy in 0.5.12 – a Detailed Look

Source: Ph3lan, WG Staff


As we have noticed a lot of discussions about the new economy after update 0.5.12. we are delighted to bring you a detailed look on the changes and their impact. For starters, here is a chart showing average changes to credit economy for all ships on tiers V-X between versions 0.5.11 and 0.5.12:
(for your convenience both XLS and PDF)


We are working to bring you a more detailed look into the economy, which will also explain details of the chart – please bear with us for a while.


2 thoughts on “WoWS: Economy in 0.5.12 – a Detailed Look

  1. It doesnt matter if they reduced repair and ammo costs(etc) but also reduced the income from dmg caps and all other sources, overall you gain sliglty slightly less exp and credits on average, and a lot less on DD and CVs, wich is the opposite of what was intended with this patch


  2. Erm, are all of these numbers correct? I see ships with ammo reload cost of -172%(Shimakaze) and maintenance costs of -163%(Omaha). Are they now paying us to reload and repair? XD


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