Suggestions for WoT #1

I feel like starting a little series on TAP about possible ideas that I have laid out for WoT. These suggestions are just there to provoke discussion and to birth new ideas. I will try to not come up with clichés that has been suggested billions of times such as removing gold, nerfing X, buffing Y, remove arty, etc. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions whether they are neutral, positive, or negative. If you dislike an idea, tell me for what reason and if you would approve of that if it were changed to your liking.
If we achieve enough comments, I will continue this series. I’ll also provide TAP’s email address so you can suggest your own ideas.
Today I will start with a couple of mild suggestions and I will dive into more controversial topics in the future.

Optional dynamic naming of vehicles

Would you be in favor of the names of vehicles dynamically changing depending on what modules you choose? For example, say that you unlock the final gun and turret on the T29 and once you enable those modules, it would change the name to T29E3. Another example would be if you unlock the Schmalturm on the tier 7 Panther. Perhaps the name could change from Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G to Panzerkampwagen V  Panther Ausf F once you choose the turret. I understand such criticism such as “it would be too hard for the average player to remember such names”. It would be best if the feature would be available to those who enable it in their settings.

Optional height and angle adjustment of the camera

Over the years, I’ve seen many people complain that the tanks either move or look like miniature tanks. How about an option to adjust the height and angle of the camera to achieve that extra bit of immersion so that the tanks can appear larger and stronger as seen in War Thunder: Ground Forces?

Penetration stats over distance

Sometimes you wonder why shells fail to penetrate at flat targets from long distances. If this feature was implemented, you could check the penetration loss over distances. Here’s an example.
100 meters – 150mm
150 meters – 145mm
200 meters – 140mm
250 meters – 135mm
and so on…
War Thunder: Ground Forces also has this feature.