Suggestions for WoT #1

I feel like starting a little series on TAP about possible ideas that I have laid out for WoT. These suggestions are just there to provoke discussion and to birth new ideas. I will try to not come up with clichés that has been suggested billions of times such as removing gold, nerfing X, buffing Y, remove arty, etc. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions whether they are neutral, positive, or negative. If you dislike an idea, tell me for what reason and if you would approve of that if it were changed to your liking.

If we achieve enough comments, I will continue this series. I’ll also provide TAP’s email address so you can suggest your own ideas.

Today I will start with a couple of mild suggestions and I will dive into more controversial topics in the future.

Optional dynamic naming of vehicles

Would you be in favor of the names of vehicles dynamically changing depending on what modules you choose? For example, say that you unlock the final gun and turret on the T29 and once you enable those modules, it would change the name to T29E3. Another example would be if you unlock the Schmalturm on the tier 7 Panther. Perhaps the name could change from Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G to Panzerkampwagen V  Panther Ausf F once you choose the turret. I understand such criticism such as “it would be too hard for the average player to remember such names”. It would be best if the feature would be available to those who enable it in their settings.

Optional height and angle adjustment of the camera

Over the years, I’ve seen many people complain that the tanks either move or look like miniature tanks. How about an option to adjust the height and angle of the camera to achieve that extra bit of immersion so that the tanks can appear larger and stronger as seen in War Thunder: Ground Forces?

Penetration stats over distance

Sometimes you wonder why shells fail to penetrate at flat targets from long distances. If this feature was implemented, you could check the penetration loss over distances. Here’s an example.

100 meters – 150mm
150 meters – 145mm
200 meters – 140mm
250 meters – 135mm
and so on…

War Thunder: Ground Forces also has this feature.


33 thoughts on “Suggestions for WoT #1

      1. I don’t know if it changed since then but didn’t the devs say gun penetration values are set from 100 meters with a linear progression towards 500 meters? that means there’s a value for 100m and a minimal value valid from 500m and upwards, if you know that max (at 100m) and min penetration (at 500m) and you know the decrease in penetration is linear you can make a graph with the penetration values for 101m, 305.5m, 428.85m, etc…

        they would only need to release the min penetration (at 500m) and from that players could simply make their own graphs with detailed info for all guns at all distances

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    1. True, but it would be nice for the crosshair to also change color for those values, not stay green because you can penetrate that area with no regard for angling or distance. I Bounced a PZ4 with the Jap tiger bacuse it angles itself just right. Normally the PZ4 is a box and almost impossible to bounce right?


  1. First one, while nice, should more add to confusion then to more game hindsight plus it could become hard to implement for those sometimes many combinations of different turret/gun combinations. So nothing realy needed or desirable in my eyes.

    Second one – no need for me. I use zoom out mod because sometimes it is useful for better orientation (for terrain which you cannot see from your tank in the moment), but otherwise I am quite happy with camera ingame.

    Last one – not while in battle, but as a garage feature this would be really nice, as it would give people better understanding of their vehicle/gun and what they can acchieve with it (or not).
    BUT: Always add the hint that all values are due to +/- 25% RNG !!


      1. Dynamic naming suggetion was definitely around for quite some time. And I suppose WoT has way too many historical accuracy issues when it comes to modules for this to be reasonably implemented.


  2. does it really change anything? a Panther Ausf.D and a Panther Ausf.G are still a a Panther, just like a T29E1 and T29E3 are still a T29, wouldn’t it be better for them to specify in the modules from wich configuration that came from?

    that could simply be added in the module description “part x was mounted on the y configuration of the vehicle z”


  3. I barely even play WoT any more due to how unhistorical it is. Tanks with guns they never had, fighting allies and enemies alike. I am happy WoWs has a lot less of that, but even there you find ships that never existed, with upgrades they never had. I am very disappointed with the German BB branch, which doesn’t have a single ship that is fully authentic. Not one! Even Bismarck has an upgrade that gives her more AA and stuff.. So any update to WoT that allows me to play real vehicles against their real life opponents would help to get me interested again. Everything else is unimportant to me. Until then, I’ll play the occasional battle, sigh, return to WoWs.


    1. There are fully historical WW2 tank games out there.

      Their population is in about hundreds, maybe thousands, globally.


      1. I like the accessibility of WoT, just not the fact that you basically have to upgun your Tiger II to be competitive, or that you will be taken out by a Maus.. I haven’t found a tank game I really like. WoWs is a lot closer to what I like than WoT and I can’t wait for the Royal Navy. If they add historical game modes, even if it is just Allies vs Axis and keep everything else the same, I am not sure I would play much else besides.. KGV for the win!


  4. How about an option to adjust the height and angle of the camera to achieve that extra bit of immersion

    Change Field of View in settings, it does a lot for this.


  5. *insert comment of how the gold ammo must be removed, Soviet tenks nerfed and Chinese removed here*

    Okay, but in all seriousness, I would love to see an option (can be enabled, like the minimap details for example) of showing the crew in the tanks. Well, the tanks that are open, such as arties or some TDs. It doesn’t have to be a working mechanic, just a decorative function. Would make driving an arty or open topped TD feel less like I’m driving an RC model. :/

    That and finally giving us the damned customization of random crap on the models.


    1. For the best of my knowlege – crew will not be shown because of game violence-age rating, as long as it’s only tanks, kids can play WOT, people shown – rating goes up, game becomes illegal for minors. Just to show what kind of audience WOT is aimed for.


  6. I would love to see a camera angle option and overall better camera mode.
    This weird jumpy camera and weird angles make you forget that this is a tank game.
    Smooth zoom with more steps would be nice.
    Camera angle should be like in BF 3 or something like that… or WTGF
    It would be really cool if we could have a “next to gun” view like it was in Call of Duty series.
    Another cool thing to have would be on turret camera, like a commander view (WTGF style)

    If there was a mod that changed my camera angle i would be addicted to it.

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  7. Remove the artificial 25% Random Number Generator or ‘lottery effect’ on the Guns its to high

    don’t forget they WG again and yet again changed how the shell drops in the reticule aim circle, sometimes now the shell isn’t even in the aim circle when it hits ~ RNG indeed, fighting enemy and game mechanics now at same time

    add onto this the ‘hidden nerf to shell penetration- over range’ by the WG Devs in previous patches and you can see how frustrating it is now,
    – 105mm high velocity shells cant manage 500mtrs now? – while the actual real guns can manage 2000+ mtrs, there is fiction then fiction then WOT for monkeys eh?

    Lets bring some actual thinking required back into WOT before WG Devs dumbed it all down in late 2014


  8. How about a real-world features that are somehow left out?

    Hull-downs, where the tank is partially hidden in a dugout. Takes time to get into this, crew busy, vulnerable of course, than tank becomes immobile, but partially protected and better camouflaged. Can jump out, if needed, and dig in again, if it has 3-4 or even 5 minutes of total naked vulnerability.

    Same for arty, positional fire can be more rapid and accurate, if “on-the-go”, the mobility exists but at a price of vulnerability, detectability and speed/aim of fire.

    One more useful feature I would love to see is commander hatch open. Visually detectable, no need to show the commander himself, makes the tank see further and respond to threats quicker, but at a price – hits close enough to the commander or HE blasts disable him. Can make the heavy tank compromise view range, either see far and be weaker or button down and be blind. Great game improvement, IMAO.


    1. “Hull-downs, where the tank is partially hidden in a dugout.”
      This just screams camping to me. I can already see a JPE100 dugging himself in some corridor near building so arty can’t hit him. Would be really really bad for gameplay and just promote camping really.

      I ain’t gonna react on arty because Auck Frty.

      Last one sounds pretty good – I’d make it a skill, it needs to have some activation time so you can’t just turn it on and off in no time, and I’d imagine you get increased viewrange (not by gamebreaking amount though) and reduced 6th sense time, but tradeoff would be like you said more vulnerable commander and loss of general skills from commander (repairs, camo, firefighting, bia + loss of commander bonus to other members perhaps?).


  9. Nothing about the way the game is presented on your screen should change. To quote Wargamming :” you want real join the fucking army ” If i wanted to play another tank game I would. I do not want to relearn to play tank because of some massive change to the way my camera moves.


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