Information on illegal mod bans in WoT

Thanks to Vlad for translating

Fakes reported of a new file: account.def in the wot_9.16.11312_9.16.11080_client.wgpkg archive which was supposed to monitor sessions and python logs.
Another fake bit of news reported that the system will work for 5 days, is automatic and will check the player upon entering the client with a previously composed database of cheaters.

– Foton64rus said: “Wait for official announcements, no comments yet, but don’t panic”
– Sherman (creator of WarPack): “I’m afraid they’ll have to shut WoT down if they want to ban everyone who uses “these mods””
– Comment from another mod-maker: “In the last 3 micropatches, we did not find any files which spied on players or searched for any files”
– Polish sources: The workgroup is finishing their effort on this task.
– European (German) sources: The first wave will not affect everyone, there will be temporary bans from 14 to 30 days


38 thoughts on “Information on illegal mod bans in WoT

  1. Will you allow me to laugh right now at their futile efforts xDDDD
    I predict this:
    a) lots and lots of FAKE “official” info about banned users.
    b) nothing will happen – like for last 7 years.

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  2. Alright, let’s imagine that this works.
    Imagine that a vast majority of players get a ban of various amount of time.
    I personally know a player who uses one of these cheating mods, and I’m in contact with not that many people.

    So in this imagined scenario the playerbase would suffer for a month then it would return to normal…. with less retards in the teams?… maybe?…

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        1. Your PCP freaking sucks. For what they will suffer? Not playing? :D Maybe after that they will quit WoT altogether – and I dont think it matters if it good or bad player – all uses mods.
          So situation will not change. Ever.


          1. Who are you and what do you want from me?! o_o

            *panicking intensifies*

            I need an adult!

            *realizationing intensifies*

            Wait… I AM an adult! :O


  3. YEA !!! They will ban half of EU server ?!?
    C’mon, I got 50k downloads for destroyed objects just for 9.16, ALONE. Are they gonna ban 50k people ? Who the f**k will; stay to play this unbalanced RNG screwed Belorussian crap ?

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    1. I can’t help myself…
      “Then i went to plazmakeks and downloaded that mod…. it was totally not needed but i haven’t knew that…. and that was big big mistake.. “


        1. Lol. WNrate isn’t even an argument. Jesus is right when he says that it’s a mod which destroys the game. Maybe you should answer him even when he speaks really rough.

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          1. It is. Lots and lots of retards play the game – and they cant even play it right.

            I used to goddamn carry the teams, work towards victory in platoon.
            He fucking cocksuck in bushes and camp in HT.
            Or maybe suicide scout.
            Or play arty.
            Anyways – disposable.


  4. – Sherman (creator of WarPack): “I’m afraid they’ll have to shut WoT down if they want to ban everyone who uses “these mods”” lol how scared is this guy now :P he want to get players banned who doesnt even use any mods just to save himself.

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      1. Please elaborate more on that.
        I doubt that EU is any different than other servers.
        All and all – RU might be even worse in that case.

        Stop spitting bullshit if you dont provide facts.


    1. Unless you know how to make a code to determine which mod is illegal – yep, you have to shutdown ALL mods to shutdown illegal ones.

      Thats like needing a ATGM to kill a tank, but you only have a nuke. Same situation :D


  5. I used “hacks” in many games when i was a little kid. We “hacked” the shit out of CoD2, CoD4 and CS. Look what happened to those games. You can’t even play them without wall-hack and aimbot because every single fuck is using those.

    Now i don’t really get it why would anyone do this. I like to rely on my own predictions, reflexes, situational awareness and my own eyes.

    It’s not even fun to play a game in which everybody can see through walls and a automatized program is aiming and shooting instead of them.

    Why would you even play that game if you’re just pressing wsad while the program does everything else instead of you. The whole experience is lost and becomes bland, then you fall into endless boring shitty gaming experience that you only enjoy because your statistics are getting better and better.

    People are obviously using hacks and bots to get better at something but do they really get better ?
    You are just looking at statistics of the program that you are using while you’re getting rusty and forget how to rely on your own skills.
    Then something goes wrong and that program stops working, puff… and you have a 700 WN8 player waiting for the program to aim and shoot, looking at minimap to see where the enemy is hiding but he can’t see anything. He is back at square 1, beginner with great statistics.


  6. if this is trues the SEA Server must shutdown since nearly all the VN clans and other are known hackers and the Wg staff aka tan knows but bans people who report and show proof

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  7. Well IF there is comming a banwave they need to announce clearly what you can use or not before.
    I mean there are some infos out there but yeah they don´t cover it all…


  8. wg will need to decide whats best.
    alot of people are only playing because of the cheats. after a patch. for a few games they may try a few matches. but dont really care to play without the mods.
    will bans for 10k plus players bring 10k people back into this game?
    how many have 20 30k or more gaare? paying custumers? which alot of the cheaters are.
    banning in this game isnt like banning someone who actually payed up front.( cod cs bf)
    its the hardcore players that mostly use these cheats. its added material to them. not just an edge in gameplay. they use some cheats but not all.
    does wg really want to remake this house at such a bad period?
    the bullshit atmosphere at the lower tiers is the problem.


  9. I dont think so they will ban EU server players, cause everybody knows, EU players brings the best income for WG, so they will loose this money audience


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