Information on illegal mod bans in WoT

Thanks to Vlad for translating
Fakes reported of a new file: account.def in the wot_9.16.11312_9.16.11080_client.wgpkg archive which was supposed to monitor sessions and python logs.
Another fake bit of news reported that the system will work for 5 days, is automatic and will check the player upon entering the client with a previously composed database of cheaters.
– Foton64rus said: “Wait for official announcements, no comments yet, but don’t panic”
– Sherman (creator of WarPack): “I’m afraid they’ll have to shut WoT down if they want to ban everyone who uses “these mods””
– Comment from another mod-maker: “In the last 3 micropatches, we did not find any files which spied on players or searched for any files”
– Polish sources: The workgroup is finishing their effort on this task.
– European (German) sources: The first wave will not affect everyone, there will be temporary bans from 14 to 30 days