WoWS: Release Notes

Update will be released October 10 at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 04:30 PT/ 07:30 ET. Fast Facts

  • Battleship Montana – improved deck armor after it was missed in the Update 0.5.12 plan:
    Montana: Armor thickness of armored deck increased to a thickness of 38mm compared to the previous 28mm. This will slightly increase the ship’s survivability and make in-game model closer to the data on design used by the developers.
  • Fixed player music overlap issue
  • Fixed torpedo plane and bomber preparations modifier
  • Fixed issue with Omaha service, made it equal to service of other tier V ships
  • Saipan and Nikolai I Credit profitability increased by 7% and 5% respectively

8 thoughts on “WoWS: Release Notes

  1. “Nikolai I Credit profitability increased”
    Oh yes, that is what this ship needed, as it was OP (almost as far as the Blyskawica) and now it will be also a credit printer…


      1. I have her and enjoy her despite sucking at playing destroyers. I’d say she is slightly OP, athough nowhere as close as the Nicolay/Gremy.

        That invisi-spam is nasty. Makes Cruisers and BBs fall back.


        1. It has invisible fire window big enough to burn any BB.
          It can easily kill any Dd in knife fight. And with bit of a luck it can citadel almost all cruisers, and for sure run away from all CA’s without radar. That is what I call OP : when you need at least two ships to kill one Blyskawica.


    1. Why are you complaining about premium ships getting a credit buff? Oh lord forbid people get the most out of their cash! It’s not like it’s a common ship or anything.


      1. Well honestly I own Nikolai myself and with 64% win ratio and PR 1600+.
        So I love to play it and every time when I slaughter those poor innocent bastards in Myogis and Arkansas I feel like I am invincible… But it’s not a fair fight and now Wg will even throw more money to me every time I exploit it. I have a feeling that I can feel shame after that patch…


        1. It’s russian though, I kinda thought the russian bias was a thing that WG would carry over from tanks to ships. So stupid SN ships were a thing I expected from when open beta started.


  2. I love how they say “Slightly” and make it a point so that guys think “It only took them a Year to fix this, but it was only Slightly hurting” Meanwhile everysingle 406mm shell ever fired that even grazed its deck was an automatic 33% hit, meaning at least 3 k per shell.

    So it now making everysingle shell in the game including Yammy actually have to hit and pen its decks while not bouncing at more than 60 degrees….Slightly, lol
    Before the deck literally acted as a bullet magnet.

    I really think this is going to help the Montana immensely, this means it now can stay at that 12-15km sweet spot and be very very tough, similiar to a NC at T8 where as before it was paper vs any shell at range. Its deck is simply so long and the entire thing was a giant 33% minimum sign and mostly it Cit`d itself.

    If you think about a shell barely going over the deck and hitting at lets say 80 degrees, that was not just a pen but an autopen and it allowed shells on to the Cit at a even worse square angle.


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