WoWS Q&A – 4th October 2016

Thanks to Babykim.

The developer SubOctavian on the deck armor of USS Montana, which was supposed to be increased from 28mm to 38mm in version 0.5.12.

The absence of correction in 0.5.12 is an oversight that will be corrected soon. This happened when we rolled back the nerf of the bow armor, as the increase was added at the last moment following the feedback from the general test. We apologize for this.

On the new economy with a focus on tier 8 for Ranked Battles.


The Russian video-blogger z1ooo, which traditionally has good relations with the developers, analyses the changes in profitability since version using a 25 percent sample of the Russian cluster (700k players), with a focus on the profitability of tier 8 ships used in the current Ranked Battle season.

The quantity of interest is the average experience, not the average credit earnings. The relationship between experience and credit earnings is nonlinear, and the credit earnings data are not available.

Only players with blue/purple stats are considered, since the there is too much variance in the experience earned by the average players. So we are talking about the average experience of the top players.

We are talking random battles only.

The data covers all versions 0.5.10, 0.5.11 and 0.5.12. The 0.5.12 is the average the four days since the launching of this version (100k games).

Stats of those players that had ever hidden their stats are not considered. There is no correction for premium accounts.

The results:
1. No significant changes between 0.5.10 and 0.5.11. The experience strongly correlates with damage and frags.

2. Between 0.5.11 and 0.5.12, overall -1 percent average experience (-1 percent frags), which is not significant.

But changes become the more significant the higher the tier:

Tier 5, -2.5 percent
Tier 6, -4 percent
Tier 7, -6 percent
Tier 8, -5 percent
Tier 9, -8 percent
Tier 10, -10 percent

If we look at ship types,

Carriers and destroyers -8 percent
Battleships -5 percent
Cruisers -4 percent

A staggering 80 percent of all ships now earn less on average

3. Now to individual ships of tier 8, relevant for the current Rank Battle season:

Lo Yang -12 percent (due to smaller capping rewards)

Bismark, Tirpitz, Lexington, Fubuki -10 or -9 percent

Amagi, Mogami, New Orleans, slight minus or slight plus, but the average damage and frags increased by 5 percent. So, a loss in profitability.

4. The average players (not top) earn on average -2.5 percent less experience, a bit less on destroyers and carriers, a bit more on cruisers and battleships. But the same average players made 3 percent more damage and frags. So, the results are better, but the earnings are worse.

The overall decrease in experience earning is about 5 percent, contrary to what the developers have promised.


5 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 4th October 2016

  1. They also completely fucked up credit earnings at high tiers by fixing the repair/rearm costs so now on average at tier 8 with premium, unless you excel, and you alone (a good team now hurts your earnings) you lose money even with premium.

    Good job ‘reinvigorating’ the high tier economy WG you retards.


  2. So that tells how people get purple
    And camp some more
    Never learn how to use your HP pool and never ever sacrifice your ship for the team
    Purple players are good kappa


  3. True, it was really a shame that same camping BBs were not only able to achieve good win ratio, but also earn money that way. Even cruisers start camping last time… I hope it will end soon.


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