Supertest: KV-122 Initial Stats

Tier: 7, Heavy Tank
HP: 1200
Max speed: 42 / -14 km / h
Hull turning speed: 40 °/s
Turret turning speed: 32 °/s
View range: 360 m

Alpha Damage: 390
Penetration: 175 mm
Reload time: 12,3 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,46
Aiming time: 3,2 s


29 thoughts on “Supertest: KV-122 Initial Stats

  1. It seems the old KV-1S is back the way the T-28 with 85mm was. But one Tier higher than the original.

    I’ll still prefer my IS-2B Master Race.


  2. the amount of prems they have for the russian line they could easily make a 3rd line from tier 6 with the object 244 then this then the kirovets thing then at tier 10 either the object 257 or the object 777 all they need is a tier 9


  3. This tank is so useless, why we have to play a KV-85 in tier 7 with -3 gun dep and 75mm frontal armor while we already had super IS-2 Berlin that beats this tank in every categories and even beat IS in armor value?


    1. Because this has 6 degrees of depression and is significantly faster than the IS-2B? (HP/ton worse by over 2, top speed better by 7km/h, hull traverse speed better by 2deg/sec

      Please, am I the only one that doesn’t see this as an IS copy? This is a sluggish, fat T7 medium with huge boomstick, decent DPM and wrong class. Add in 0,02 better accuracy and 0,3 secs less aimtime and it seems like a strong medium with a bit of armour for sidescraping.

      Still waiting for the bloom stats though, they could seriously break the tank.


  4. *sigh*

    Normally I would write an enraged comment about the Russian cloning program. But as of lately I have not been in the best of moods, so I will just say four words instead.

    I am deeply disappointed.


        1. Well I remember a Q&A a few days ago talking about rewards for battles and a tank like this would make sense as part of it


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