Slope Map Changes (Supertest)

Slowly work on the prototype map Slope is coming to an end. After the last test it was rebuilt and some of the access roads were changed removed individual elements of the environment that hindered movement, added a new hiding place. Redesigned main hideout and shelter for the TDs so that they cannot give 100% protection: allow you to escape from the fire on one side only – this will make the game more balanced and will force players to be careful and cautious.


2 thoughts on “Slope Map Changes (Supertest)

  1. Love camping watching all those Lemming noobs rushing towards a TDs guns thinking there all QB or Circon or SirFoch with Unicum skills

    then watch them burn as there ‘ hero push’ and ‘4 minute turbo slaughter battles’ turns into yet another 15 – 0 slaughter score (or close to 15 – 0


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