WoWS: 0.5.12 RN CL Changes

Thanks to Urakaze. Excuse the rough translation, that is all he could do for now.


-Apart from the smokescreen flamethrower and racing boat gameplay style, a new style has been proposed.
-Engine Boost removed and Smoke Screen was reintroduced.
-The smoke screen will only create ONE cloud of smoke, though the radius of the cloud is 1.33 times larger than the normal smoke screen
-Smoke screen endurance time and reload time from the flamethrower style remained
-Belfast and Perth are also equipped with this smoke screen
-Repair Party now repairs the ship in 20 seconds, repairing 2% Ship HP/sec , repairs 40% of the ships HP in total
-Still AP spamming only (Belfast and Perth still get to keep their HE though.)
-AP shells now have the performance indicator of the flamethrower style and in-game interaction indicator of the racing boat style
Take Minotaur for example:
AP damage: 3200
Velocity:768 m/s

Shell mass: 58 kg
Krupp value: 2672
Detonation threshold: 12mm
Detonation time: 5 ms
Ricochet angle: 60°-75°
-RN CL armour returned to original cardboard thickness

-Other changes to armour that are not listed in 0.5.12 change log were cancelled.
-Repair fee unified to 5500,11500, 23000, 42000, 75000, 120000,180000 (Tier 4-10)


8 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.5.12 RN CL Changes

    1. Looks like i don’t wanna play “AP shellz r fun” cruisers
      they technically use HE during world wars but why AP?
      this is gonna end WoWs reputation if they did this


      1. There was a lot of balancing issues with the whole “HE spam from inside smoke” thing that they decided was unhealthy (think a whole line of Flint like ships).

        I would be fine with AP only for gameplay reasons, but not with crap shell arcs and only 6 inch shells.


  1. Keep in mind that wherever those Chinese guys are getting their info from, it’s from China and has proven inaccurate before. Also, those ships are STILL BEING TESTED, so even IF what you read here is true, these are not the final versions.

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      1. Yet, i don’t see any chance for this to be a fraud, since Chinese people can literally play RN CLs now (for content creators and people who invest large amount of money into the game), Besides, I’d say most their leaks are accurate, (bow armour change, Radar cd reduction etc.)

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