WoT Blitz: Update 3.2 – Map Improvements

Copperfield’s Evolution

Give us back our Copperfield!” Mauses, Objects and other Tier Xs picketed the level design department. And the department worked hard on the map update to make it available again for high-tier vehicles.
Now, work is finished, and starting from Update 3.2, the improved Copperfield map will appear in high-tier battles and Supremacy mode.
Join us in cutting the ribbon and welcoming it back!

Mini-map – Old Version
Mini-map – New Version

Download the full-size Mini-map

“Heavies” are big, they need more space!

Copperfield is one of the first maps in the game. When designing it, the developers were concerned that players might wander around for too long looking for each other on a big map. Thus, almost 25% of the first version of Copperfield was occupied by the hill.
They needn’t have worried. It became clear that a new direction would actually improve the game process. So, the hill area has been reduced significantly, and some free space appeared in its place. Now, heavy vehicles will have enough room for action!

Learn more about the changes to this zone from Mikhail Ivanov, Level Designer:

In terms of routes, the heavy tank area hasn’t changed: all elements will remain familiar to players. The exception is an additional route to the flag from both sides and a smoother upland area in the centre. The elements of the heavies’ overlook were rebalanced in terms of vehicle approach time and cover effectiveness. Wooden fences by the hill now form a “pocket” that gives players an intermediate position while approaching the enemy: previously, battles on this map were played from quite large distances and it was rather difficult to proceed to the centre.

We would like to add that the “pocket” position is almost impossible to shoot through from the opposite side of the map, thus a well-armoured tank in cover there can significantly influence the result of the fight for the hill.

Mediums are fast, they need space too!

The northern part of the map is a mobile vehicles’ paradise. It used to have one road with multiple cover positions. Enemies frequently occupied this area and were steadily firing across the whole map at heavies fighting in the southern part of the map.

In the new map version, this location will favour manoeuvrable battles. Two roads, from both sides of the map, are joined here at a crossroads partitioned by some tubes, making it perfectly balanced for a team clash. Thanks to the additional by-passes, vehicles will no longer be crowding here—players will only have to be a little more forceful.

We’re going down!

Experience shows that the central part of the map mostly remains uninhabited: players only go down here every once in a while to defend the base. On the renewed map, there are more paths that lead to and from the mine. The mine itself is now safer: we added more cover and decreased the surface elevation level.

It is now easier to defend the base as well: in the Encounter Battle mode, the capture circle, together with the building inside of it, was moved away from the mountain. The slope of the heavy tanks’ hill near the base is now flatter, and it became safer to go down to the base if needed.
In the Supremacy mode, the bases encircle the map from north to south. They aren’t very safe, but they definitely aren’t fully exposed either. It’s quite easy to capture a base while going at full speed, unless there’s an enemy sitting somewhere nearby, making it a difficult task for you. Either way, you’ll have fun!