WoWS Q&A – 30th September 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU:
The developer WellDone confirms that there will be a joint ship & tank clan war map, just not this year.

More from previous Sub_Octavian’s Reddit Q&A (Gathered by Takeda92):

Q: What is the situation with the Italian ships? Can we hope in at least a premium ship soon?
A: There will be SOME Italian ships – this is logical and expected. But…no leaks on that from me. Sorry.
Q: Before the battle starts and before you throttle up, if you press Q or E there are two distinct tones for 1/2 and full turn; once you throttle up or the battle begins, the tone for 1/2 and full turn becomes the same. Can the two tones remain active during battle? (my comment: this a very insignificant question but oh well)
A: Feedback accepted, will send it to sound team. Thanks.
UPD: fill be fixed, probably in 0.5.15+
Q: Is giving repair party to tier 8 being considered?

As it stands now, I can’t avoid damage effectively using prinz eugen due to it’s poor concealment and thin armor belt. I get rewarded for sniping at max range since I outrange most enemy cruisers and get punished for being agressive. I don’t really like this playstyle and I’m sure it doesn’t contribute a lot to the team.
A: It is being considered, at least for British cruisers.
1) Are there any plans to implement something similar to the “Marks of Excellence” in World of Tanks? I feel it adds a lot of enjoyment and something to work towards in the game, plus I imagine the development effort would be relatively small.
2) How is the potential damage calculated?
3) Are there any plans for adding new in-battle achievements and related signal flags? For example: – One for causing a detonation. Then players could see how many times they have been detonated and how many times they have caused a detonation in the achievements page, could reduce salt around detonations. – One for torpedo spotting. Signal flag would increase torpedo spotting range by X% – One for potential damage over a certain threshold. New signal flag could increase rudder shift speed by X%. – One for spotting and spotting damage (like patrol duty in World Of Tanks). New signal flag could reduce detectability by 5%.
Yes. Something like – but different.
It is alpha damage of all projectiles (shells, bombs, torps) that hit 700 m around the ship or hit the ship itself (with any result).
Yes there are. You are welcome!
Q: Are you satisfied with the performance of the Bismarck? Some consider it overpowered, especially its secondaries. Are the developers considering a nerf?
A: We are not considering it now. German BBs, in our opinion, look good. We wanted them to be good brawlers, and they seem to work that way. What’s more pleasing, is that players tend to understand that and enjoy them.
Q: Now from Chinese leak website, rank starts from 2 Oct to 14 nov. My question is that would balance patch 0.5.13 comes after the rank season (after 14 nov) or be released while rank season 5 would still be ongoing? I am asking this primarily because I am hyped for the new Japanese Destroyers which will be undergoing testing in 0.5.12 and I hope they will be released on 0.5.13. If the new patch comes in during the rank season, do you think it will affect balance and maybe the meta?
I am not sure if this question can be answered without violating some confidential information for the near future but if it does, its ok I’ll understand.
A: I cannot promise you this, but if you look at latest history, you will see that we launch major updates on solid cycle…so…
I think if new IJN guys OR the Britts are released in 0.5.13, they WILL affect meta. But if not…0.5.13 for now does not look as an update with a lot of balance changes. It will be more about adding one very nice feature to the game.
Q: How much of the suggestions made by the playing community, be it here on the subreddit or one of the forums, does the development team consider for implementation? I’m not talking about pure game mechanic complaints, such as “OMG fix high tier economy pls”-stuff (but thank you for giving us a new game economy system smiley face), but rather more focused on additions to the game, such as this proposed second IJN carrier line? Would be interested to know whether community contributions in this manner are valued by the development team.
A: They are valued, because the game is obviously being developed for the audience. However, there may be difference between one popular proposal (which appeals to a limited group of players) and one popular trend (which is distinctly seen througout the while community).
And we do try to react as quick as we can – even yesterday, working here in comments, I was able to start three tasks for New Orleans, Tenryu and Mogami improvements – which is great. And today, two bug reports came from this community. (my comment: I’m sorry, I’m a bit biased for choosing to put this question :P)
Q: (cut some introduction to the question) Are there any plans to buff credit earnings some time in the future, or is the current system intended?
A: Economy is planned to be buffed by one major feature this year (and I’m talking about plain buff, not re-balancing). Then, we’ll see.
Grind is a part of game concept, but it should be adequate, and we are absolutely not against tuning it to everyone’s advantage.
Q: What is the plan for IJN destroyers? With the new second line being gun focussed, will the old line’s torpedo focus be restored? At the higher tiers IJN torpedoes seem inferior to USN torpedoes, since the rather heavy nerfing.
A: They are not inferior, really. I don’t know why some people think that way. But that’s probably debatable based on individual experience.
As for IJN DD sub-branches.
The concept (which may change or evolve) is that there will be two types of gameplay depending on sub-branch:
A: relatively universal, low visibility, average artillery and rich torpedo armament for close combat.
B: better artillery, lower torpedo count (but longer range), torpedo reload consumable.
Q: I know people are flocking to battleships right now, so I don’t much hope for this, but: Are there any plans to make Battleship gunnery less infuriating? Be it long range artillery to 1-2km galleon fights, shells will fly over or below the enemy ships.
A: Then we would have to reduce alpha..and increase firing rate. Which would turn them into kind of cruisers…weird ones.
Q: What motivates WG in making changes to ships? For example what was the thinking behind the USN cruiser re work?
A: Popularity, combat effeciency and feedback. No rocket science here.
Q: Why does the Sims have worse torpedoes than the Leningrad and Blyskawica?
A: Why should all DDs have the same torpedoes? They differ in many ways.
The Q&A is over for now, more will come to Reddit in a week or 2 so keep your eyes out. Again, I tried to pick the best answers and I left some repeat or unhelpful ones. Some answers I included because they tell us what the devs official stance on the matter is.