Type 4/5 Heavy: New Gun being Supertested

The gun is tested on both tanks.

2 types of ammo known so far:

15 cm/45 41st Year Type (Tier 10)

Common Type 4 HE

Penetration: 30-50 mm
Alpha Damage: 975-1625
Splash Radius: 3.66

Common Type 0 HE

Penetration: 30-50 mm
Alpha Damage: 750-1250
Splash Radius: 3.66


28 thoughts on “Type 4/5 Heavy: New Gun being Supertested

  1. Considering even O-I gets a derp with the HE pen of 75 mm at Tier VI, KV-2 gets a derp gun with 86 mm HE pen and the armour of the higher tier tanks are becoming more and more thicker I’m not sure that 40 mm pen will cut it.

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  2. somewhere
    theres a Leopard 1 standing alone on a mountain top screaming “WHYYYYYYYYYYY”

    cause this derp looks like its ment specifically for leo

    meanwhile E50M is sitting on a mountain top next to leo’s mountain and going “my lack of dpm isn’t looking like such a big deal anymore now is it. armor helps alot”

    and across the sea, M48 continues to glare at its tumor in the face of this new high alpha threat

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    1. Beneath the mountains of the German meds the Stronk Soviet Stalinium Med Tenks are frolicking, jumping all over the place, all of them giggling like schoolgirls because their armor will either eat the damage or bounce it off.

      Unless RNGsus thinks otherwise.
      But even then, good luck hitting the little cockroach bastards!

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  3. 15cm/45 ? Heh?
    How does that even make sense? Those are guns used on an old, pre WWI ship (the Chikuma from WoWS, if anyone is interested), and apparently later refurbishedas coastal defence.

    If they have to invent stuff like that, they might as well just go all out and put a logical piece of naval artillery, the 15cm/50, which was basically the guns used in battleships’ secondary batteries.

    Same shells with slightly higher muzzle velocity (850m/s instead of 825), but at least it makes more historical sense than “we ripped 35 year old guns with no replacement barrels from random bunkers to put in our state of the art, expensive tank”

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      1. The 15cm/50 he proposed was also used as coastal defence guns, not to mention that it was first used in ~1911, about the same time as the 14cm 3rd year type we have as the Type 4 and Type 5 gun, so it will fit in better compared to a gun from the 19th century.

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      1. 15 cm/45 41st Year Type was a British design from the 1892, the gun was slightly redesigned by the Brits for IJN and the gun entered service in 1908, being secondaries of several early battleships, and main battery of some armoured cruisers

        15 cm/50 41st Year Type was also a British design, but used on the Kongo and Fuso class as secondaries and some of them are recycled to be used as the main battery of the Agano class.

        TL;DR It is not the gun from the Kongo secondaries lol


  4. it is so fucking skill-less to have tenks with no weakspots and derpguns. Firstly the type 5 cant pen itself with AP, unless they get a good pen roll on the cupola. Secondly the whole front becomes autopen if enemies load gold or spam high alpha HE. The type 5 both neglects skill because people will just load prem ammo and HE fighting other type 5, and secondly no matter how well the typ 5 angles people will just pen it with gold.

    If they want to make the tank more competitive, gold ammo needs to get nerfed and also give type 5 better gunhandling or what ever soft stats. But messing with armorthickness just makes it even more balanced on tier 10. The e100 still has 235mm AP and the devs forget that becayse 80% just load heat on the e100, and that is wrong. The maus has 246mm AP and plenty of people load 300mm apcr in that as well. So fucking sad.

    From playing tier 10 a while, i notice two important things that needs to be fixed: mobile HTs with armor such as 113 and E5 and mediums, all dominating the battlefield with mobility and usage of gold ammo. If mobile tanks with armor couldnt use gold ammo, they game would be much better balanced.

    Also whats up with fucking grilles spamming heat? Tier 10 is a fucking joke, the only reason to play it is because you are never bottom tier and dont have any escuse to underperforming. But when 70% of all ammo that are fired on you are pemium apcr and heat, something is FUCKING wrong.

    And buffing armor of alreaddy armored tenks makes the heat spam even more serious because people wont bother to switch to normal ammo once they se one type 5 or E5 or what ever fuck there might be aound the corner. I cry inside of me every time some bob pen me despite I angle perfectly well wirth my e100.

    if the supertest goes live, even i am forced to load heat because i cant pen the hull sheeks anymore with AP, neither can I trackshot the type 5 on the side, like you can do now with 235mm AP. I nmean 280mm side armor, is that really correct or was it some imbecil that made this screenshot?

    Dont show incorrect screenshots of armor values either, it just winds me up kid.

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      1. if everyone like him would ask that, we would have to pay more to compensate. more crazy people on the internet means cheaper internet for the sane :P


      1. The person who took the screenshot listed 275mm side armor where the 30mm spaced sideskirt, 50mm tracks, and side armor overlap.


    1. Aim at the higher plate of the side thats 160mm also the behemoths cant point there gun down to save there life so no types has many flaws


  5. I don’t like the idea of high alpha HE guns. If the shell manages to connect it basically negates any positioning skill of the enemy. Sure, if it hits thicker bit it will cause less damage. But with such big alpha it won’t make a difference overall where you hit him. And you will be able to cause damage regardless if someone is in hulldown, sidescraping, or even if you only hit a track, where normal shell would not even connect with the hull.

    It’s not on the artillery-level bad, of course, as you can at least shoot back, but no matter what you do, if he can hit any part of your tank, you will take damage. To me it’s dumbing the game down.


    1. Not sure if its better than arty i mean yeah you cant shoot directely at the arty but this sucker here has nearly 3k HP and armor and can shoot you from point blank range so not really that nice.


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