Obj 244, T25 Pilot 1, T71 CMD, Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager, KV-4 KTTS Supertest Stat Changes

Massive thanks to Cr for checking & sending these!

Here is the last batch of the supertest premiums that were changed. (old value between brackets.)

Obj 244 (supertest Tier 6 russian heavy): buff
-HP: 880 (840)
-ROF: 10.98 (10.429)
-Reload time: 5.47s (5.753s)
-DPM: 1,975.94 (1877.1)

T25 Pilot 1 (supertest Tier 8 american medium): buff
-ROF: 8.02 (7.821)
-Reload time: 7.48s (7.671s)
-DPM: 1,925.27 (1877.1)
-Aim time: 1.92 (2.21)
-Hull traverse: 43 (38)
-Turret traverse: 46.93 (39.6)
-Weight: 37.06 tons (37.335 tons)
-Hp/weight: 13.49 (13.39)
-Terrain resistance: 0.48/0.67/1.44 (0.863/1.055/1.822)

T71 CMD (supertest Tier 7 american light): buff
-ROF: 14.55 (13.95)
-Reload time: 4.123s (4.3s)
-DPM: 2182.72 (2092.5)
-Aim time: 1.82s (1.9s)
-Turret traverse: 47.97 (46)
-Weight: 16,689 tons (16.964 tons)
-Hp/weight: 20.37 (20.04)
-Terrain resistance: 0.288/0.384/1.055 (0.3/0.4/1.1)

Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager (supertest Tier 7 german TD): nerf
-HP: 800 (850)
-Viewrange: 360m (380m)
-ROF: 8.69 (9.481)
-Reload time: 6.90s (6.329s)
-DPM: 2085.71 (2275.3)
-Aim time: 1.82 (2.11s)
-Turret traverse: 28.16 (33.4 deg/s)

KV-4 KTTS (supertest Tier 8 russian TD): some buffs, more nerfs
-Hull traverse: 24 deg/s (30 deg/s)
-ROF: 7.45 (7.631)
-Reload time: 8.05s (7.863s)
-DPM: 2383.67 (2441.8)
-Aim time: 2.4s (2.88)
-Terrain resistance: 1.44/1.63/2.68 (1.342/1.438/2.685)
-Radio range: 458.86m (375.4m)


15 thoughts on “Obj 244, T25 Pilot 1, T71 CMD, Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager, KV-4 KTTS Supertest Stat Changes

  1. Of course the IS-1 prototype gets a buff, why, who would have ever any doubt? -_-*

    I wonder how the T25 Hijacker New Pilot will turn out, the higher tier US meds are usually underpowered, compared to the new nations’ med tanks or the stronk Soviet ones.

    Three words considering the T71 CMD: Gimme gimme gimme!

    They realized that they fucked up with the Skorpion, yet they try to fix it with not only bringing it back to sale, but also with nerfing the Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger. LOGIC

    Of the KV-4 KTTS: Yes, nerf your shit, the heck needs yet another Soviet crap. -_-

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    1. “the higher tier US meds are usually underpowered, compared to the new nations’ med tanks or the stronk Soviet ones.”

      high tier US med UP ? seriously ? They still very solid and competitive with new nation or even stronk soviet, people just dont know how to play them in right way.

      Highest viewrange at their tier
      M26 – best tier 8 med
      M46 – best DPM + snapshot/moveshot at tier 9
      M48 – best gun handling + troll armor + second best actual DPM in combat at tier 10, it dont need to aim (unlike STB1) and dont have to worry about terrain elevation (unlike soviet meds)


      1. Well how about the lol armor of the T20, the Pershing is about the same! I played these, I always had the same experience: I have no armor! I can have a good viewrange but what can I do with it if the tank is relatively slow and/or has no decent armor? And the gun just won’t cut it without gold, which I will not use.


      1. Yeah. But you might as well play a tiger1 as its a better”TD” in every way. And I think the tiger is complete garbage and I’d still choose it over the steyr.

        Also hiiii leggasiini


        1. oh shit im blind, i didnt realize it was you xD

          How are you doing o7? Will you ever return to wotlabs, it feels incomplete without you…


          1. Im doing fantastic actually, life finally took an up turn. I wont be returning to wotlabs as completely I burned that bridge, but I check out what’s going on occasionally. You on steam?


            1. I guess i have a Steam acc, but dunno when i last time have logged in.

              Its probably years, kek.

              Glad to hear that you are doing well, shame you cant return but i can easily understand that. Having fun IRL is more important, anyways.


  2. i thought they said KTTS was canceled



    freaking commie lovers

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  3. why im feel like T71CMD “buff” just a stat between 50% crew and 100% crew ? Look at Terrain resistance , it look almost the same. Everything else just improved very little. the only thing not related with crew skill is tank weight.


  4. ** Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager (supertest Tier 7 german TD): nerf **

    ROLF!!!! h WG please my sides are hurting with laughing so much at your bias towards German and USA tanks with Nerf after Nerf
    With under powered engines, or under powered Guns low DPM that is frankly embarrassing

    I have the German T8 Kannonfodderpanze
    WHAT a waste of money, the Gun is Crap very low Pen and Alpha for a T8 TD, and its Gold ammo is just 12mm more!, so say what the fuck?

    it also twitches around like a Cat on a Hot roof after all those Physics ‘improvements’ that’s if it doesn’t nose dive into the nearest Wall, Rock, Building or deep Water while you try to steer it in a straight line at full speed, then try to stop while you crash into Rocks or Water (then drown

    Then the USA T7 Scorpion,
    jeez I could cry same DPM as a T6 Medium Tank – and it has all the same issue’s as the Kannonfodderpanze when steering it at full speed or trying to stop as its Turret swings around like a Pendulum while you wait for it to stop

    Yeah WG love TD’s


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