Update 9.16: Visibility System Improvements

Update 9.16 includes optimisation of the visibility system, which is an important component of the game. Now, spotted vehicles will be displayed much quicker on screen – the difference will be particularly noticeable when spotting enemy vehicles at a distance of more than 300 metres.

In this article, we will explain how we managed to achieve such a result, and how it will affect the game.

Vehicles that spot enemies from a long distance will have a little more time to make a shot right after spotting an enemy vehicle.

Spotted vehicles will have a harder time crossing short, open areas, since they will be immediately displayed on the screens of their opponents. They will have to either perform active manoeuvres to make it difficult for the enemy to target them or choose a different route.

Changes in Update 9.16

Achieving this improvement to the spotting system required solving two problems: firstly, how to rework the server calculations and, secondly, how to speed up the display of spotted vehicles in the game client.

Server-Related Changes

Our server programmers re-wrote the visibility-system code, keeping all previous operating rules. The transfer to a more effective programming language allowed them to reduce the server load and increase the performance of the visibility system. In other words, the system started working more effectively while using the same rules and consuming less resources.

Detection Check is a server request that determines whether an enemy vehicle is within the visibility range and whether it can be spotted. The visibility check is performed constantly, with its interval depending on the distance from the enemy.

The interval between visibility checks depends on their distance: checks are more frequent at a short distance, and as the distance increases the interval increases as well. The optimisation performed allowed us to increase the number of visibility checks two-fold at nearer distances and adds additional simplified checks for further distances, leading to a three-fold increase in the total number of visibility checks in comparison with the previous version. The increased frequency of visibility checks in turn allows us to reduce the delay when displaying spotted vehicles.

Client-Related Changes

Client-related improvements have saved about 60–70% of the time required to render a vehicle model. Now, when entering a battle, the vehicle models and map objects are all loaded in together. This solution allowed us to reduce the rendering time upon spotting as well as the possibility of “freezes” when enemy vehicles are spotted.

Roll out!


15 thoughts on “Update 9.16: Visibility System Improvements

    1. not AW, how it should be. preferably, i would like to see warthunder’s spotting system inside the game, but then camo would have to be completely revamped. every tank is visible, so you can see them going around the corner, instead of waiting a second before you can see them. this is still not the ideal situation.


      1. Well, WG hasnt done a lot of things that should be done right. They dont care. Or just see how in AW it works – good dev would do that – observe. NOT tru the bottom of Absolut, of course.


    2. You mean like AW had shell delay for almost a year, and in the end remade it to WG model, so now they have ghost shells as WoT? Why, certainly.


  1. my client had a tiny update today when i launched it and since that update my ping is no longer 50 to 70 its now between 180 and 260. what the hell happened?


    1. AFAIK the default setting (in launcher) is to use P2P for updates. I kinda suspect P2P keeps using connections/ bandwidth even when you are in a game but i haven’t checked. Also uncontrolled P2P may cause problems on routers and some (lousy ones) dont really recover after that. Reset it.


  2. Result will be that players with potato-equipment start battle 2 minutes later than the rest. so then we will have 6 instead of just 2 tanks afk at the base every battle…


  3. “Now, when entering a battle, the vehicle models and map objects are all loaded in together” , wait what?!!! I supposed it worked all the time like that…. how incompetent you are WG, thats why my system lagged a lot even if I have a core i7 4790k, ssd 16gb ram and a gtx 1070….


  4. Reckon its time for mods that remove CW “fog of war” and we will be able to see enemy lineup. Just the models of tanks they are using, not the exact number of each model though. You gain some, you loose some.


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