Public Test sorter, Commonwealth

As you can see here, in the current test server, the sorter lists “Commonwealth” as a nation, thus, highly suggesting that commonwealth premiums will be allocated into a single tech tree.

No news on whether the Blyskawica will be relocated tech-tree-wise in the future to this commonwealth tree.

You can ignore my custom made skin for now.


14 thoughts on “Public Test sorter, Commonwealth

    1. I might join in on this just so i can block the sjw and try to protect free speech of the individuals who would get targeted. Hopefully YouTube isn’t stupid enough to not allow people to moderate the other heroes

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    2. First thing that came to my mind after watching that video, is that they missed on the name. YouTube KGB Agents would be more fitting.

      On a more serious note, what the fuck? What’s wrong with YT and a world, do we really need to moderate everything because someone might get offended? And is giving a power to moderate to anonymous person a good idea? NotLikeThis YT NotLikeThis

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    1. it would not be correct, but without being allocated to a tree it is of no use as a trainer, so I would not mind if they do. Because its unlikely Poland every gets his own tree…


  1. I originally thought HMAS Perth would be merged into Pan-Asia Coalition, since Australia belongs to Asia-Pacific Region. BTW, the Australian tank AC1 Sentinel has been categorized as British tank, while Taiwanese tank Type 64 has been categorized as Chinese tank.


  2. I did not think the ships in the “Commonwealth Navy” would fit in WoWs, since Oliver Cromwell. 25 April 1599 to 3 Sept 1658 Lord Protector of the Commonwealth. the country at that time had “The Commonwealth Navy ” the did win battles though.


  3. I’m actually looking forward to aussie ships…the crew should be cangoroos and have aussie accents and when you hit a citadel there should be this song “down under”.


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