WoWs Q&A – 18th September 2016

Thanks to MrFingers, EU

From an interview at the Tokyo Game Show:

Quick summary:

-ARP Takao event to start in October (ASIA server for now probably), and lasts until December

-The mission to obtain her will not be easy, but will be set at a level that most people will be able to finish

-This is probably last of ARP events for now

-Haifuri event will start in first half of 2017

-TGS goers will get special Yokosuka Girls’ Marine High School flag

-Spotting xp bonus will come in next update in late September or early October (9.12?)

-British cruisers will appear in mid October

-British cruisers will be something between DD and CL. Developers are still struggling with their balancing

-IJN DD branching splitting will come in mid October, but after British cruisers

-One of the reasons for IJN DD branching splitting is to increase their popularity which has dropped after the introduction of Soviet DD

-Clans will come soon


3 thoughts on “WoWs Q&A – 18th September 2016

  1. This is probably last of ARP events for now abiut fking time yer boo whoo for the Asian players ( i play the sea server) ther other server get better premiums store and other stuff while sea just a anime ship that SHOULD BE NOT A WW2 NAVAL GAME


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