WoT Console: Trench Warfare Mode Video & Pictures

Control the Mark IV. Not bad.


12 thoughts on “WoT Console: Trench Warfare Mode Video & Pictures

  1. oh suuuure! on the pc we drive around with failed cars who fire cannons instead of machine guns like they originally were (even battlefield 1 got this more right than wot)

    but ofcourse, on the console you can drive the mark 1. jesus christ, why dont they just stop pc support all together, its clear that wargaming favors consoles.

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      1. never wargaming are too stupid to pick up on the ideas of console IE better grahpics….Havok…a balance team…..modelers that actually HD tanks people use more then once….the list goes on

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  2. > Unhistorical top speed (26Km/h ingame)
    > Unhistorical traverse speed
    > What is that Flak 18 doing on the WW I map? (1:38)
    > Unhistorical armament
    > Guns in the sponsons are static parts of the model, you can fire from an invisible gun in the middle of the hull

    Quite meh special mode…

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      1. Usually I’m not the one who is whining about the historical accuracy, I just listed those points because there are people who are still caring about them in WoT (lol).

        Even if you ignore those points, the last point itself is more than enough to classify this mode as meh.


  3. Mark 1 vs Mark 1 teams. Such a wasted effort. They should make one team Mark 1 and the other A7V’s. Team side should be selected at random ofc. That would be more interesting.


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