Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 – New Gameplay Video

Thanks to Cutmeo88 for sending me this.

Remember Quickybaby’s video review on the upcoming Swedish premium? In this new one, the tank has the autoloader fixed.


Hit Points: 700
7,5 cm kan strv 74 Gun – Autoloader
Shell Avg. Damage: 150 / 150 / 185
Shell Avg. Penetration: 148 / 200 / 38 mm
Average Damage per Minute: 1661.7 HP/min
Rate of Fire: 11.078 rounds/min
Reload Time: 15.664s (Full clip)
Aiming Time: 2.21s
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -6/12 deg
Accuracy:  0.336
Aiming Circle
After Shot: 2.877
Turret Traverse: 0.153

Vehicle Move: 0.23
Vehicle Traverse: 0.23
Turret Traverse Speed: 33.4 deg/s
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/s
Terrain Resistance
Hard: 0.767
Medium: 0.863
Soft: 1.918
Hull Armour: 55 / 30 / 20
Turret Armour: 40 / 20 / 10
Weigh/Load Limit: 25.9/29 t
Engine Power: 340 hp
Specific Power: 13.28 hp/t
Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 45 / 20 km/h
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 25.1 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 18.8 (%)
View Range: 360 m
Signal Range: 400 m
Crew: 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)


18 thoughts on “Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 – New Gameplay Video

      1. Well, if that’s real, then it’s absurdly good. 25% is the upper reaches of base camo stats. Hell, the AMX lights, which are the same height (maybe a bit smaller), have 17-18%.

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        1. My normal Cromwell has 29% with crew, and 17% normally. So I suspect it will be higher with crew skills. But then again considering what the tanks is based on and the fact that it’s smaller then most tier 6 mediums. It will be a sneaky one for sure.


          1. Your Cromwell actually has 14% camo, 17% is with camo paint. And I doubt that the Swedish tank is smaller than an AMX 12t, which has 17% camo without paint. In fact, 25% camo would be the same as the E25, and I really don’t think this thing is the size of an E25… that’s why I’m putting questionmarks around the value listed here.


  1. So it really is a redline sniper, or bushcamper.
    Since I’m none of that, I think I have yet another reason to not give a flying crap about this abomination.
    But at least my buddy will be happy, he grew up on TDs so he will use this mutant to its fullest!…


  2. So 4 round mag and then normal 2,7 between each shot like most French. Vs the Skoda T25 that has a 75mm to, but a 3 round mag and 1.33 between each shot. So he will bite hard when top tier, but if he faces more then 1 gun up close, he is more or less screwed then. So sneaky support medium then.


  3. the autoloaders only 4 shots? well that kinda sucks and with id guess roughly 1.5s between shots and a 15s full reload that makes this thing pretty meh. look at the skoda t25 thats only 3 shots yeah but its i think a 7s full reload and has like 1s between shots. the dpm difference is drastic and with just a 75mm dpm really matters.


    1. You can think this tank as a small version of T57 Heavy, with powerful drum that can 1 clip any tier 5 meds while T25 Skoda can’t do that. If T25 can shoot continuously then it’s better, but when you have to play peek a boo, like in the video then this tank is better, with high damage potential per shot


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